Sunday, February 17, 2008

Talented Creators Part 2 : Mechanical Toy Store of Jenne Dibou

by Yolanda Hirvi
This series of posts are written because I am just a fan of these creators. I dont gain anything by posting about them. I just like to point out the beauty there our Second Life.
I have seen Jenne Dibou's work lately around SL in Caledon and Wastelands. Yesterday finally visited her main shop ~JD~Mechanical Toy Factory in SOL Solutions Island. She also makes apocalyptic stuff under the label .:Sine Patria:.

The Toy Store floats in the air..and yes I did fell..twice.

Her creations are really steampunky yet realistic in way that just makes my heart flip. (Yes it does that everytime I see something ab fab). This toy factory of hers and her associates products also prefabs and custom builds and designs of the whole sims.

Sculpture by Jenne Dibou
There is one that starts from Lonsdale Hungarian Center. It may be gone soon says the rumour so if you want to play the game and win great stuff of Mechanical Toy Factory you better hurry. And who knows.. I have a feeling we may play an adventure game in Metaversal Arts Island too in the near future...
PS. To read more about Steampunk visit The Heliograph .

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Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Dear Miss Hirvi,
Excellent timing, madam! Miss Dibou, as I understand, is slated to work on the New Babbage sim of Palasaides.
Additionally, she has also done extensive work in the new Steampunk sim of Steeltopia, as one can see her beautiful thumbprint throughout the locale.
Dr. Rafael Fabre