Friday, February 15, 2008

Talented Creators Part 1 : Fiona Branagh

by Yolanda Hirvi

This series of posts are written because I am just a fan of these creators. I dont gain anything by posting about them. I just like to point out the beauty there our Second Life.

I will admit. I have never rode horse in RL. Well I am afraight of hights, and a horse a bit me when I was 8 yrs old. And horses make me sneeze...

But SL horses do not bite. (Well most likely after this post someone will make one that does bite). My first SL horse was called Mathilda. But the notorious inventory loss ate my old gal . I know that nothing can compare my Mathilda, but a girl like me can't live without a horse.

Fresian Stallion

After short searches I found my horse. Black fresian stallion by Fiona Branagh. Fiona's fresians are far the horses in SL. I have tryed out many demo horses, I am not saying they are bad. But Fiona's it is in league of its own. Those fresians are really fast rezzing sculpties, exellent textures, natural movement... and well you have to see it for your selves visit Branagh's Barn anf grab a demo.

I wish all was done in SL with such talent and love as these horses.
Fresian Mare

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