Monday, August 16, 2010

Rail Jam 2010

By Lord Lisle

Once a year, many railway buffs of the SLRR Rail groups come together for their annual Rail Jam, a fun rail event. Usually held in mid-August, they show their latest engine (or other rolling contraptions..) on the public Main Line of SLRR starting at Bagha Station and eventually ending at Caletta Hobo Station. Passing numerous sims, this journey takes normally (under the best conditions and depending the speed of the engine) 45 minutes to over an hour. Obviously, with so many engines and avis taking part, during this event the speed was at times much reduced.

About 90 minutes from the start Moundsa Mayo of the Virtual Railway Consortium had counted 30 engines on the line, including 6 without a driver. The following snapshots are giving a good impression of the activity during the event, as spotted from different stations

Behind the steam engine, Stryker Jenkins, secretary of the VRC is driving his tri-wheel rail motorcycle

The first five pictures were taken at VRC Station Athetis, at that time the lag was rather mild and most of the engines were rather close together

VRC Trainspotting Station Achemon. Moundsa Mayo has found a splendid viewing point on top of the observation tower, waving at the passing engines

Close-up view of a brilliantly made steam engine, note the many detailed controls in the driver cabine!

This Roll-Royce was fitted with auxilary wheels to make it suitable for the SLRR track

Caletta Hobo Station: the end of the ride....