Saturday, February 23, 2008

Caledon,Oh Caledon! Happy 2 year Anniversary!

If you haven't been to Victorian-steampunk themed Caledon-sims (officially Independent State Of Caledon) yet now is the good reason to visit. Caledon has growed in size (33 sims, 2 62 688 m2) and population (700)more than anyone could have dreamed during last two years. Caledon is the place I go to relax ;to just ride around on my horse or sail in the Caledon Firth. You can start your tour in Caledon anywhere, but let me suggest Caledon On Sea, my personal favourite because of it's beauty. (I wish I could use windlight to see it, but my graphics card does not like WL). The events (and there is a lot) are listed in Caledon Events Calendar.
Caledon On Sea

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