Friday, January 21, 2011

Forgotten City....(2)

by Lord Lisle

Whilst updating my inventory records and profile, with the object to remove the defunct URLs, I noticed a change of URL in the Mechanical Toy Factory. During the update of the new URL in my pick it became clear that Jenne Dibou is creating a new sim entitled 'Forgotten City'.
A short visit to this yet unfinished place showed that with this work of art they surpass their already famous and nearly unlimited creational capacities. It did not took me much time to learn that the new city shall officially be opened on the 5th of February 2011, add lustred to with grand events and mini-games
Readers of the Metaversal Arts Blog are permitted to take a sneak pre-view in the Forgotten City (forgotten city/36/135/47, and to watch the progress of building.

Forgotten City....

by Lord Lisle

The shape of things to come!

Watch careful for the next update of this Blog when we reveal the URL (with the opportunity to take a sneak pre-view :-) and the official opening day of the Forgotten City adorned with several grand events and mini-games