Sunday, February 3, 2008

Revival of Creativity

by Yolanda Hirvi
Pleased to meet you. I am Yolanda. And I build things. And I sell the things I build. My shop is called Oblonski and it is the part of the Metaversal Arts community that was founded summer 2007 by Darleez DeCuir and me.
I was born and raised in southern Finland. As a kid and as my early adulthood I was very creative. I painted, drawed comics, I was in a drama club, I was in a rock band. Then I became adult. I was too tired after work to do anything but hang around the chat rooms or lay on the sofa watching TV.
Until I came to Second Life almost a year ago.First weeks... well there isn't much to tell. Everything was so HARD. Walking was hard (well ok, it IS hard, still) flying.. well it was ok in the open spaces, and open a box to get the freebies out was a mystery.

It took me 5 months to figure out the basic things. I did not have a goal when I first came to Second Life. But then I just started build things. And with that I got my creativity back. The gift I thought was lost forever. These are examples of my line of furniture I have made during these 7 months.

Maire Wing Back Chair, 2007.

Rolltop Desk & Captain Chair, 2007.

Verne Home Office Set, 2007.

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