Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trains...a follow up

by Lord Lisle

Driving on the SLRR track last night I spotted a demo train rezzer near Athetis station on the premises of Rescue Japan at Spini (162, 218, 81) , a build by Myuki Mills, presented by eflora Kidd.
This demo turned out to be a very nice engine with a stable script and more important: once the speed is set there is no need to hold your finger on the keyboard to keep it running. Although it can only be rezzed on the SLRR, it is certainly worth a try!

Still further up the line you can fetch another free steam engine (presented by Myuki Mills) at M's R&D, Neumoegen (124, 208, 66). The effect of steam and smoke whilst at full speed is a nice feature. This is again an engine with a stable script , although you may loose your engine rapidly (no copy, so grab a spare one..)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Trains and boats and planes or The SLRR Railroad Track at Heterocera Atoll

By Lord Lisle

It was this song performed by Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas (and later by many others including Cilla Black) in about 1963/64 when the Mersey Beat was at its top, which sprung into mind when I made a tour on Second Life Railroad (SLRR) track on the Northern Continent.

During every clearing of inventory (we should do this far more often don’t you think?) I came across that nifty little freebie ChibiTrain steamloc which I really could not throw away, so each time I made a mental note to make a test ride with it.
Whilst making a casual visit to HoboLand and district I spotted a map of the large railroad tracks in SL and in particular the Main Line of Heterocera Atoll and its Branch Lines build by the Virtual Railway Consortium (VRC)

At last having found a good way to make a start, I did not waste more time and rezzed my freebie steamloc at Bhaga Station (Station No. 16 on the map above) and chug-chugged along the whole Main Line which went particularly well through most of the sims (except one place where I crashed and at another place where the funnel of my engine appeared to high for the passengers rail crossing bridge).
Arriving at Tuliptree Station (Station No. 1) I took Jer Straaf's ferry back to Bhaga Station. The latter appeared to be a most relaxing and pleasant SL sea trip.
Although my preference of SL transport is by airplane or helicopter, I am inclined to say that driving a SL steam engine is exciting and very relaxed. Eventually I purchased a new engine (at a reasonable sum which I just could afford) having a different script than the freebie engine which made quite a bit of difference in its stability.

There is of course much, much more to tell about SL railways and its huge community maintaining the tracks. Therefore I only can suggest to obtain a free ChibiTrain personal locomotive at ‘Around The Atoll’ Lunalis (14, 83, 94) at Station 9 (see a picture of the station above) and discover the SLRR track yourself. Whilst at Lunalis, take a free SL Railroad Landmarks notecard, this provides up to date information and LMs of all the SLRR stations, SL railway tracks and other tips and tricks.

You may want to rezz your newly acquired train at Station 16 at Bhaga Terminal, Bhaga (103, 39, 28) or Station 1 Tuliptree (151, 156, 31) but of course any other station can be choosen (I found out that rezzing a train is not possible at some stations)

At the SL Railway Consortium (SLRC), Tuliptree (137, 167, 29) you can fetch an engineers cap from a free SLRC recources kit. Very close to this place at Tuliptree (76, 135, 30) you will find very useful maps on railways (here I found the map depicted above)

This is the freebie ChibiTrain on its way somewhere along the SLRR track

The steam engine I eventually purchased seen high on the cliffs on the SLRR track

This ferry brings you from Station 1 to Station 16. Embarking point is Tuliptree (175,203,22) just click on the sign Boat ride to Bhaga Station. Arriving at Busiris Terminal at Urban Ghetto, follow the signpost Bhaga Station 150M North showing the way to the station.

Have fun and wear a suitable outfit......

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Impression of the 6th Anniversary Parade in Nova Albion

By Lord Lisle

The 6th anniversary of the Nova Albion sim has been celebrated on the 20th of March 2010 with a parade which was visited by numerous avis. Nova Albion was Second Life’s first official city regions to be created on 9th March 2004.
Due to RL commitments I was not able to watch the full show, so here is just an impression of part of the parade and some of the spectators/organisers
The start and finish of the parade

This wonderful creation of Madcow Cosmos, driven by Lorin Tone was tmho one of the highlights of the parade

Pituca FairChang was amoung the spectators

Here I had to leave due to RL and the lag