Monday, February 11, 2008

My goal for SL

By Lord Lisle
The 4th of February is a day I shan’t forget very easily because it is my Second Life birthday. Over a year ago I read an article about SL in a computer magazine and in sheer curiosity I took a free subscription. I had some vague ideas in mind about promoting my RL books in a special way, but firstly I wanted to know whether it might be worthwhile to put effort and time in yet another project.

I did not choose my name Lord Lisle for being an imaginary British Lord or a GOR warrior, but principally because I am a fan and reader of the Lord Lister trivial books (see In retrospect, if I would have known, I think that I have been more considerate in the choice of my SL name.

Lord Lisle dressed to attend a SL wedding of a friend in a medieval community

Like most of new SL avis, I experienced the learning curve in SL as steep, not only how to move and fly, but also the conventions are often difficult to grab…’Overwhelming and confusing’.. are words of expressing these feelings, exclaimed by many of the newbie avis I talked with over the time. One of the most wonderful things in SL is (to my personal opinion) the ease of communication and discussion with other avis, often open and without any restrictions.

Although the first weeks in SL were spent just roaming around, often amused and amazed, sometimes the contrary, I made good friends of just only one (but the most loyal) is still left. After a few weeks I tried some basic building and constructing, a thing that not really thrilled me very much. I took this up again, however, after a few months when I was offered a free plot to put up a little shop, reviving my original idea of promotion.

In the mean time I rented a small gallery, displaying the paintings of a relative unknown Dutch artist, brought to my attention by my SL life friend and niece April Lisle. You find my art gallery and little vintage wireless shop (with a THiNC Second Life version of my 4th RL book) in my in-world profile

December 2007. Demo skating with Yolanda Hirvi on the ice rink at the ’old’ Factory

Although I never shall become a contributor to the Meta Art Factory like the talented co-owner Yolanda Hirvi, you may see me regularly in the Factory, playing an Arcade game or sitting as a male model on one of Yolanda’s new creations, whether it be a Captains Desk, an antique couch or a highly decorative bed. Second Life may be time consuming; it is also rewarding and generally gives back what you put in: I never regret to be a part of it!

Recently I took up flying, and next time I should be pleased to tell you more of the thrills of SL aviation, along with advice how to construct your real flying plane from a free 'Do It Yourself ' pack.

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