Friday, February 29, 2008

Aviation in Second Life…a novice pilot reports:

When somebody talks about flying in SL, it is not automatically assumed piloting an aircraft. Although I had seen planes for sale at in-world shops, I had not particularly in mind to have one of my own: what’s the use if you already can fly like a bird?
However, when I was taken on a flight by a friend I was immediately hooked and bought a two-seater steam powered Ornithopter. (An Ornithopter is an aircraft that has no propeller, but flapping its wings like a giant bat. The one I bought was created by Miss Virrginia Tombola, Aviatrix and Proprietress of La Bicyclette, Port Caledon)

My first SL flight as passenger in a steam powered Spiral Wing

Flying an aircraft (whether it be an Ornithopter, a Spitfire, flying carpet or a jet plane) is much different to a PC Flight simulator if you happen to know it; easier in a way, but a bit awkward when passing a sim border, as the plane tend to drop to the ground or even crash if the next sim is full. It takes a bit of time to get a grip on the controls, but once you have mastered this it is real fun to manoeuvre through the virtual air. When you have acquired an airplane or any other craft you need to find a place to rezz the thing and of course a start and landing strip, both usually provided at numerous Second Life aerodromes. Well known and recommended places are:
- Abbotts Aerodrome, Abbotts (160/160/75) Flying, skydiving, dirigible balloon and much more. The home of Cubey Terra, maker of the DIY plane.
- Connolly Aerodrome - Penzance A, Caledon Penzance (93, 37, 40) the base of the famous Royal Caledon Air Force.
- Minaki Aerodrome Rezzing Platform, Minaki (78, 37, 21) This is one of my favourite airfields (Well done Atashi Toshihiko), lots of space around, no nasty high buildings and a separate rezz platform. However…..But that is for a next BLog entry…be prepared to shiver my SL friends when I tell you about my recent nasty flying experiences in the adjacent sim….
- SANDBOX @ FlyinTails Airfield & , FlyinTails Airfield USF (95, 140, 51)
- Blue Airstrip, Blue (133, 30, 38) Actually two airfields in adjacent parcels in the sims Blue and Grey.
A very nice feature of flying in SL is that you can take your friends on a tour in the virtual air. When there is no place in the cabin, just let them sit on the aircraft wing and let the slipstream curl their hairs, a great experience.

How to start aviation on a low budget
A very good start into SL aviation is the Terra two-seater aircraft ‘Do It Yourself kit’ which can be obtained for free in the Meta Art Factory (boxed along with landmarks to the above noted aerodromes, and as a bonus the Terra Flying Carpet 5). The kit is comprised of a number of ready made sub-assemblies, such as wings, propeller, landing gear, seats, stabiliser, body, and wait, there is more: flying scripts and as a special bonus the famous Terra Flying Carpet is included
A comprehensive and well illustrated building manual (on a note card) is also included in the box. The best thing about this kit is that everything you receive can be modified, copied and transferred to create your own flying craft and even sell it if you think that you made something special. (A big thanks to Cubey Terra - who made this kit freely available to the SL community)

In this picture Lord Lisle is assembling his second plane (intended for modding into a different model). A copy of his first DIY plane with custom colours can be seen in the background. If you are looking for a nice ready to go learning project, which includes building, texturing and scripting, the TERRA DIY PLANE KIT is something for you. And when you successfully have completed the project you can pilot the thing as well.

My second plane
After some time flying around in the Ornithopter (which has good flying capacities!) my eye fell upon a replica of the famous Spitfire fighter plane. Flying in this plane is quite a change as it reacts differently to the Ornithopter and a couple of other free planes I acquired at the time.
Once I had mastered the controls I like to take a ‘dawn patrol’ flight, just cruising along the waters and grounds of Caledon, listening to the sound of the mighty ’Merlin’ engine in front of me....

Taking off for a night patrol at an aerodrome, somewhere in Second Life…

Lord Lisle returning from a flight with his Spitfire Mk.I.. Note the contemporary outfit, including a parachute

Life in the air and the RCAF
Although my time to stay in Second Life is limited and generally filled with chatting and visits to friends, I have found that the flying community in Second Life is a pleasant and friendly one which welcomes heartily anyone who is interested in this matter. Sin Trenton, a reknown aviator of the RCAF put it this way “..we flying people stick together..’

Sin Trenton and Lord Lisle discussing a mission at Minaki Aerodrome. Both their Spitfires are parked at the end of the runway.

Recently I joined the Royal Caledon Air Force, a group with many active members and weekly gatherings. Anyone interested in aviation in SL I recommend reading the RCAF Wiki at and the BLog of the RCAF founder Zoe Connolly at

Fair skies!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shameless act of sabotage towards Linden Lab!

This unknown young lady has photographed in the act! If you have heard or seen anything suspicious around Guvernor Linden's manor last night please contact Linden personell asap!
She must be stopped !

Caledon,Oh Caledon! Happy 2 year Anniversary!

If you haven't been to Victorian-steampunk themed Caledon-sims (officially Independent State Of Caledon) yet now is the good reason to visit. Caledon has growed in size (33 sims, 2 62 688 m2) and population (700)more than anyone could have dreamed during last two years. Caledon is the place I go to relax ;to just ride around on my horse or sail in the Caledon Firth. You can start your tour in Caledon anywhere, but let me suggest Caledon On Sea, my personal favourite because of it's beauty. (I wish I could use windlight to see it, but my graphics card does not like WL). The events (and there is a lot) are listed in Caledon Events Calendar.
Caledon On Sea

More Wicker! Oblonski Garden Swings

Swings really swing and look pretty in your garden or patio. What is there more to say? :D

Model A is for a couple's together moments.

Model B with 2 sitting positions.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Maar Auer's Metaversal Greetings

Right then. I guess I should present myself also.
Maar Auer, Metaversal designer. An artist: musician, dancer, graphic designer, a hopeless geek...

In June 07 I was contacted and asked if I'd be willing to give a live net interview during my first steps in Second Life. The bait on the hook was to attend an SL live ballet performance. My insatiable curiosity immediately raised its ugly, hairy head. SL? What the heck? I happily plunged straight into trouble; after a few careless mouse clicks, Maar Auer found herself clumsily bumping into pixels under SL the sun. Maar is a shortening of my RL name, and Auer means 'morning light in the horizon' in old fashioned Finnish.

No, I didn't make a habit of it at once. I grew roots like a persistent weed: kept returning every time I was yanked out of SL soil by merciless grid crashes. From the very beginning I was fascinated by the possibility of building things in a virtual world. Here was my chance: I had always admired acoustic instrument builders in RL. So why not build a lovely, fat ass double bass, a true big mama. I can't play that one in RL - but feel sympathy for those poor, apologetic musicians negotiating their huge basses into jam packed rush hour buses. Took me a loooong while, I can assure you, but boy, was I proud of my first creation, even before finding out how to add sounds or animations to it...

Dar's and my paths crossed earlier. Yolanda followed Darleez to take a look at my newly built house and all my creations. Well - we understood and befriended each other at first glance, and not only because of that bizarre burst of grunts called Finnish. These two powerful ladies asked if I'd be interested to join Metaversal Arts. As you might have guessed, I didn't see any point in hesitating this time either: head on towards trouble once again. (In general, I've noticed it's much more interesting to say yes than no, so.... >;)

MaarBaZaar has been a proud member of Metaversal Arts Shop since November 07. Instruments, animations, furniture... My passion lies in acoustic instruments (those beauties!) as well as animations. Being much too busy and very, veeery much too unorganized in RL, I'm not able to spend a lot of time in SL. Can't release new stuff often. But when I do, I do it with heart involved. MaarBaZaar's best selling article is Maar Auer Concert Grand, an antique grand piano, the result of endless hours of effort. So all the praise received from satisfied customers feels heart-warming and truly encouraging :) I had a scripter helping me with the awesome scripts in the lid: Moundsa Mayo, who since then has become a close friend also. I do script some, but only simple stuff, whereas he's a script artist. Yeah, better stick to where your talent really lies, isn't it.

Next release? I'm working on a lovely mechanical piano, with automatic music sheet rolls. It's almost ready now - so soon, soon! It will be released in two colour options, rosewood and ivory. Also I have a menuet dance coming along, intended to be used as an antique style ballroom dance, for multiple dancers. Fit for a king, so to say. Well, that's the goal at least...

What else? I love witty chats, playing music and performing, traveling, computers and green apples. I hate getting up early, cockroaches, shopping, money, cooking and spam. To mention a few.

To know more u just gotta IM me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Metaversal Arts News

by Yolanda Hirvi
New Release from Oblonski: Wicker!
In some sims spring is already it is in Metaversal Arts. I have been twisting some wicker lately and the results are shown here; wicker furniture for your garden or patio. The set is sold separately so you can mix and match as you wish. You can find the wicker furniture in the yard of Metaversal Arts Shop and in New Oblonski, Antiquity Township East.(Thank you to Lord Lisle for modeling with me in these pics)

The Grand Opening of Cherish-Metaversal Arts Island - sim scheduled to April 12th

The new larger Metaversal Arts Shop will be open late February or early March. The rest of the sim will be finished after that and we are celebrating grand opening of the sim in April 12th.
We are proud to present UKDproject with a amazing live performance of theirs.

Grand Opening of the New Oblonski was a hoot!

The Grand Opening of my branch store New Obonski in Antiquity sims was a succes. Thank you for the lovely people of Antiquity and Metaversal Arts Insiders who showed up!

Dancers from left: NosMo Beaumont, Hope Coakes, Starry Dreamscape, Yolanda Hirvi, Darleez DeCuir, SadieRose Beaumount and Ti Laval

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Talented Creators Part 2 : Mechanical Toy Store of Jenne Dibou

by Yolanda Hirvi
This series of posts are written because I am just a fan of these creators. I dont gain anything by posting about them. I just like to point out the beauty there our Second Life.
I have seen Jenne Dibou's work lately around SL in Caledon and Wastelands. Yesterday finally visited her main shop ~JD~Mechanical Toy Factory in SOL Solutions Island. She also makes apocalyptic stuff under the label .:Sine Patria:.

The Toy Store floats in the air..and yes I did fell..twice.

Her creations are really steampunky yet realistic in way that just makes my heart flip. (Yes it does that everytime I see something ab fab). This toy factory of hers and her associates products also prefabs and custom builds and designs of the whole sims.

Sculpture by Jenne Dibou
There is one that starts from Lonsdale Hungarian Center. It may be gone soon says the rumour so if you want to play the game and win great stuff of Mechanical Toy Factory you better hurry. And who knows.. I have a feeling we may play an adventure game in Metaversal Arts Island too in the near future...
PS. To read more about Steampunk visit The Heliograph .

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Story of Metaversal Arts

by Darleez DeCuir
I believe that you, our readers, are interested in what the history and background of Metaversal Arts is. Well, let’s say that it all started summer 2007 when I had in mind that I definitely need an office in SL (sure, everybody needs an office :-)). So, I wanted to have a small office space beside my home in Sabulella. I had met my friend Yolanda Hirvi earlier in the spring, and I also knew that she was very keen on landscaping and building things. She presented her work to me and I really loved what saw! Then we got an idea: Yolanda will build the office for me. Oh yes, otherwise I would have bought some kind of trivial prefab… Already that time, we also had all kinds of ideas for the future activities in SL and some initial plans of becoming business partners. In order to be able to start building the office on my land, we needed a group. The very same group was going to be used for other business purposes and networking later too. In short, this is how Metaversal Arts was founded in July 2007.

Metaversal Arts Headquarters and the founders at the front door, August 2007

As the building process proceeded we realized that of course the office needs to be furnished too. And all of a sudden, Yolanda created a custom desk, office chair, cabinet, conference room seats and even a fan in the ceiling to keep the office cool, a perfectly designed set suitable for just this steampunk stylish office space.

Soon after all was completed in Sabulella, Yolanda wanted to build a shop for herself. I supported her idea because I was already that time convinced that her builds would have commercial potential. I can tell you, I didn’t make a mistake! The first shop saw its daylight in The Admiral, and after few weeks it was already a success with all the antiques and old-world style furniture. That time we also met artist Moondrift Tomorrow, who joined Metaversal Arts and had his premier SL exhibition of Globulus Art in the second floor of the shop.

Metaversal Arts Mainshop in The Admiral, August 2007.

We were lucky to meet and network with even more other creative residents. They joined Metaversal Arts in order to create and work together and help each other whenever their expertise is needed. Scripting guru and chaotician Moundsa Mayo has helped us many times with scripting and other tricky technical questions. Moundsa’s creation, the Chaos Machine is absolutely worth of another article! Multi-talented artist Maar Auer has designed and created beautiful builds, scripted and playable musical instruments, and unique animations for various purposes, just to mention a few of her works.

The shop got soon too small and we ran out of prims, which was a good reason to acquire more land and enlarge the business in The Admiral. In October, the Metaversal Arts Factory Area was introduced in The Grand Opening event. That time the new Mainshop in the Factory Area consisted Oblonski, antiques, gothic and old world furniture by Yolanda Hirvi, MaarBaZaar with musical instruments and household stuff by Maar Auer, Crys’ Creations with garden items by Crystaleen Laval, and exiting magic stuff by Fnordian Link. The Chaos Machine and a steam engine by Moundsa Mayo could be admired and played with in the yard, and also the new Metaversal Arts Headquarters had moved in the area.

Gothic furniture by Oblonski, Metaversal Arts Mainshop, The Admiral, October 2007.

Musical Instruments by MaarBaZaar, Metaversal Arts Mainshop, The Admiral, October 2007.

The Chaos Machine by Moundsa Mayo, Metaversal Arts Factory Area, The Admiral, November 2007.

In December Maar Auer designed the new antler logo of Metaversal Arts. After Christmas we launched the new logo and arranged The Skate Away the Xmas Blues skating party in the Factory Area. The event was fun and successful with Maar Auer’s ‘Skate Like a Champion’ and dancing animations, raffles and good music with Yolanda as a DJ. We planned to arrange another skating party too, but then we suddenly got a chance to get a whole sim for Metaversal Arts, so we moved again…
Metaversal Arts Island grand opening event is planned to happen very soon, we are looking forward to meeting you all in the opening, and in the meantime in the Mainshop temporary location at

Metaversal Arts Mainshop in Cherish, February 2008.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Talented Creators Part 1 : Fiona Branagh

by Yolanda Hirvi

This series of posts are written because I am just a fan of these creators. I dont gain anything by posting about them. I just like to point out the beauty there our Second Life.

I will admit. I have never rode horse in RL. Well I am afraight of hights, and a horse a bit me when I was 8 yrs old. And horses make me sneeze...

But SL horses do not bite. (Well most likely after this post someone will make one that does bite). My first SL horse was called Mathilda. But the notorious inventory loss ate my old gal . I know that nothing can compare my Mathilda, but a girl like me can't live without a horse.

Fresian Stallion

After short searches I found my horse. Black fresian stallion by Fiona Branagh. Fiona's fresians are far the horses in SL. I have tryed out many demo horses, I am not saying they are bad. But Fiona's it is in league of its own. Those fresians are really fast rezzing sculpties, exellent textures, natural movement... and well you have to see it for your selves visit Branagh's Barn anf grab a demo.

I wish all was done in SL with such talent and love as these horses.
Fresian Mare

New Oblonski Grand Opening coming up.

by Yolanda Hirvi

My old little store in Antiquity Township has grown in size and moved to next sim to Antiquity Township East. I am proud to present New Oblonski. . Welcome!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My goal for SL

By Lord Lisle
The 4th of February is a day I shan’t forget very easily because it is my Second Life birthday. Over a year ago I read an article about SL in a computer magazine and in sheer curiosity I took a free subscription. I had some vague ideas in mind about promoting my RL books in a special way, but firstly I wanted to know whether it might be worthwhile to put effort and time in yet another project.

I did not choose my name Lord Lisle for being an imaginary British Lord or a GOR warrior, but principally because I am a fan and reader of the Lord Lister trivial books (see In retrospect, if I would have known, I think that I have been more considerate in the choice of my SL name.

Lord Lisle dressed to attend a SL wedding of a friend in a medieval community

Like most of new SL avis, I experienced the learning curve in SL as steep, not only how to move and fly, but also the conventions are often difficult to grab…’Overwhelming and confusing’.. are words of expressing these feelings, exclaimed by many of the newbie avis I talked with over the time. One of the most wonderful things in SL is (to my personal opinion) the ease of communication and discussion with other avis, often open and without any restrictions.

Although the first weeks in SL were spent just roaming around, often amused and amazed, sometimes the contrary, I made good friends of just only one (but the most loyal) is still left. After a few weeks I tried some basic building and constructing, a thing that not really thrilled me very much. I took this up again, however, after a few months when I was offered a free plot to put up a little shop, reviving my original idea of promotion.

In the mean time I rented a small gallery, displaying the paintings of a relative unknown Dutch artist, brought to my attention by my SL life friend and niece April Lisle. You find my art gallery and little vintage wireless shop (with a THiNC Second Life version of my 4th RL book) in my in-world profile

December 2007. Demo skating with Yolanda Hirvi on the ice rink at the ’old’ Factory

Although I never shall become a contributor to the Meta Art Factory like the talented co-owner Yolanda Hirvi, you may see me regularly in the Factory, playing an Arcade game or sitting as a male model on one of Yolanda’s new creations, whether it be a Captains Desk, an antique couch or a highly decorative bed. Second Life may be time consuming; it is also rewarding and generally gives back what you put in: I never regret to be a part of it!

Recently I took up flying, and next time I should be pleased to tell you more of the thrills of SL aviation, along with advice how to construct your real flying plane from a free 'Do It Yourself ' pack.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Reason of Being

by Darleez DeCuir
Greetings! I guess I have to say few words about myself – Darleez. I was born in February 2007; I came to SL to investigate what this virtual world is all about. I had heard and read about it, and now I wanted myself to chase up how this world actually works, socially, technically and economically. And what did I find? Well, first I had to learn to walk, talk and many more skills, after which I was hooked… but ever since, endless interesting things worth to be studied more carefully.

As my profession in RL is related to communication, I am interested in how SL and other virtual worlds and 3D platforms will change and evolve our communication and lifestyle towards using web 2.0 and 3.0. I am also interested in what kind of business opportunities these “new” platforms and online communities have to offer both for in-world and RL brands and businesses.

In RL I have a job and some hobbies too, and I also have raised my only kid big enough, which led me to a conclusion that I really have a room for a new hobby. It is not difficult to guess what that might be! In SL I have had a chance to get to know so many friendly, talented, funny and interesting people from all over the RL Earth, many of you have disappeared in between times, and luckily most of you came back too. Thanks to you all people, my dear friends and business associates for being here too, we would never have met each other without this great metaverse!

My newly furnished home. Most of the furniture by Oblonski.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Revival of Creativity

by Yolanda Hirvi
Pleased to meet you. I am Yolanda. And I build things. And I sell the things I build. My shop is called Oblonski and it is the part of the Metaversal Arts community that was founded summer 2007 by Darleez DeCuir and me.
I was born and raised in southern Finland. As a kid and as my early adulthood I was very creative. I painted, drawed comics, I was in a drama club, I was in a rock band. Then I became adult. I was too tired after work to do anything but hang around the chat rooms or lay on the sofa watching TV.
Until I came to Second Life almost a year ago.First weeks... well there isn't much to tell. Everything was so HARD. Walking was hard (well ok, it IS hard, still) flying.. well it was ok in the open spaces, and open a box to get the freebies out was a mystery.

It took me 5 months to figure out the basic things. I did not have a goal when I first came to Second Life. But then I just started build things. And with that I got my creativity back. The gift I thought was lost forever. These are examples of my line of furniture I have made during these 7 months.

Maire Wing Back Chair, 2007.

Rolltop Desk & Captain Chair, 2007.

Verne Home Office Set, 2007.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Very First Post

by Darleez DeCuir
So, this is it. HI folks and welcome, you are reading the Metaversal Arts blog, the official voice of our members :-) This blog is about our lives, experiences, thoughts and work in the metaverse of Second Life. Our writings are intended to have a professional viewpoint on things - but we warn you - do not take every word too seriously, because SL is a free, funny and always surprising world. And if you can make your life, business and work fun, what could be better?

Here are we - Yolanda, Crystaleen and me, Darleez - having some tea and muffins in the patio of my new house, chatting and planning the contents of this blog.