Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Reason of Being

by Darleez DeCuir
Greetings! I guess I have to say few words about myself – Darleez. I was born in February 2007; I came to SL to investigate what this virtual world is all about. I had heard and read about it, and now I wanted myself to chase up how this world actually works, socially, technically and economically. And what did I find? Well, first I had to learn to walk, talk and many more skills, after which I was hooked… but ever since, endless interesting things worth to be studied more carefully.

As my profession in RL is related to communication, I am interested in how SL and other virtual worlds and 3D platforms will change and evolve our communication and lifestyle towards using web 2.0 and 3.0. I am also interested in what kind of business opportunities these “new” platforms and online communities have to offer both for in-world and RL brands and businesses.

In RL I have a job and some hobbies too, and I also have raised my only kid big enough, which led me to a conclusion that I really have a room for a new hobby. It is not difficult to guess what that might be! In SL I have had a chance to get to know so many friendly, talented, funny and interesting people from all over the RL Earth, many of you have disappeared in between times, and luckily most of you came back too. Thanks to you all people, my dear friends and business associates for being here too, we would never have met each other without this great metaverse!

My newly furnished home. Most of the furniture by Oblonski.

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