Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Story of Metaversal Arts

by Darleez DeCuir
I believe that you, our readers, are interested in what the history and background of Metaversal Arts is. Well, let’s say that it all started summer 2007 when I had in mind that I definitely need an office in SL (sure, everybody needs an office :-)). So, I wanted to have a small office space beside my home in Sabulella. I had met my friend Yolanda Hirvi earlier in the spring, and I also knew that she was very keen on landscaping and building things. She presented her work to me and I really loved what saw! Then we got an idea: Yolanda will build the office for me. Oh yes, otherwise I would have bought some kind of trivial prefab… Already that time, we also had all kinds of ideas for the future activities in SL and some initial plans of becoming business partners. In order to be able to start building the office on my land, we needed a group. The very same group was going to be used for other business purposes and networking later too. In short, this is how Metaversal Arts was founded in July 2007.

Metaversal Arts Headquarters and the founders at the front door, August 2007

As the building process proceeded we realized that of course the office needs to be furnished too. And all of a sudden, Yolanda created a custom desk, office chair, cabinet, conference room seats and even a fan in the ceiling to keep the office cool, a perfectly designed set suitable for just this steampunk stylish office space.

Soon after all was completed in Sabulella, Yolanda wanted to build a shop for herself. I supported her idea because I was already that time convinced that her builds would have commercial potential. I can tell you, I didn’t make a mistake! The first shop saw its daylight in The Admiral, and after few weeks it was already a success with all the antiques and old-world style furniture. That time we also met artist Moondrift Tomorrow, who joined Metaversal Arts and had his premier SL exhibition of Globulus Art in the second floor of the shop.

Metaversal Arts Mainshop in The Admiral, August 2007.

We were lucky to meet and network with even more other creative residents. They joined Metaversal Arts in order to create and work together and help each other whenever their expertise is needed. Scripting guru and chaotician Moundsa Mayo has helped us many times with scripting and other tricky technical questions. Moundsa’s creation, the Chaos Machine is absolutely worth of another article! Multi-talented artist Maar Auer has designed and created beautiful builds, scripted and playable musical instruments, and unique animations for various purposes, just to mention a few of her works.

The shop got soon too small and we ran out of prims, which was a good reason to acquire more land and enlarge the business in The Admiral. In October, the Metaversal Arts Factory Area was introduced in The Grand Opening event. That time the new Mainshop in the Factory Area consisted Oblonski, antiques, gothic and old world furniture by Yolanda Hirvi, MaarBaZaar with musical instruments and household stuff by Maar Auer, Crys’ Creations with garden items by Crystaleen Laval, and exiting magic stuff by Fnordian Link. The Chaos Machine and a steam engine by Moundsa Mayo could be admired and played with in the yard, and also the new Metaversal Arts Headquarters had moved in the area.

Gothic furniture by Oblonski, Metaversal Arts Mainshop, The Admiral, October 2007.

Musical Instruments by MaarBaZaar, Metaversal Arts Mainshop, The Admiral, October 2007.

The Chaos Machine by Moundsa Mayo, Metaversal Arts Factory Area, The Admiral, November 2007.

In December Maar Auer designed the new antler logo of Metaversal Arts. After Christmas we launched the new logo and arranged The Skate Away the Xmas Blues skating party in the Factory Area. The event was fun and successful with Maar Auer’s ‘Skate Like a Champion’ and dancing animations, raffles and good music with Yolanda as a DJ. We planned to arrange another skating party too, but then we suddenly got a chance to get a whole sim for Metaversal Arts, so we moved again…
Metaversal Arts Island grand opening event is planned to happen very soon, we are looking forward to meeting you all in the opening, and in the meantime in the Mainshop temporary location at

Metaversal Arts Mainshop in Cherish, February 2008.

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