Friday, February 22, 2008

Maar Auer's Metaversal Greetings

Right then. I guess I should present myself also.
Maar Auer, Metaversal designer. An artist: musician, dancer, graphic designer, a hopeless geek...

In June 07 I was contacted and asked if I'd be willing to give a live net interview during my first steps in Second Life. The bait on the hook was to attend an SL live ballet performance. My insatiable curiosity immediately raised its ugly, hairy head. SL? What the heck? I happily plunged straight into trouble; after a few careless mouse clicks, Maar Auer found herself clumsily bumping into pixels under SL the sun. Maar is a shortening of my RL name, and Auer means 'morning light in the horizon' in old fashioned Finnish.

No, I didn't make a habit of it at once. I grew roots like a persistent weed: kept returning every time I was yanked out of SL soil by merciless grid crashes. From the very beginning I was fascinated by the possibility of building things in a virtual world. Here was my chance: I had always admired acoustic instrument builders in RL. So why not build a lovely, fat ass double bass, a true big mama. I can't play that one in RL - but feel sympathy for those poor, apologetic musicians negotiating their huge basses into jam packed rush hour buses. Took me a loooong while, I can assure you, but boy, was I proud of my first creation, even before finding out how to add sounds or animations to it...

Dar's and my paths crossed earlier. Yolanda followed Darleez to take a look at my newly built house and all my creations. Well - we understood and befriended each other at first glance, and not only because of that bizarre burst of grunts called Finnish. These two powerful ladies asked if I'd be interested to join Metaversal Arts. As you might have guessed, I didn't see any point in hesitating this time either: head on towards trouble once again. (In general, I've noticed it's much more interesting to say yes than no, so.... >;)

MaarBaZaar has been a proud member of Metaversal Arts Shop since November 07. Instruments, animations, furniture... My passion lies in acoustic instruments (those beauties!) as well as animations. Being much too busy and very, veeery much too unorganized in RL, I'm not able to spend a lot of time in SL. Can't release new stuff often. But when I do, I do it with heart involved. MaarBaZaar's best selling article is Maar Auer Concert Grand, an antique grand piano, the result of endless hours of effort. So all the praise received from satisfied customers feels heart-warming and truly encouraging :) I had a scripter helping me with the awesome scripts in the lid: Moundsa Mayo, who since then has become a close friend also. I do script some, but only simple stuff, whereas he's a script artist. Yeah, better stick to where your talent really lies, isn't it.

Next release? I'm working on a lovely mechanical piano, with automatic music sheet rolls. It's almost ready now - so soon, soon! It will be released in two colour options, rosewood and ivory. Also I have a menuet dance coming along, intended to be used as an antique style ballroom dance, for multiple dancers. Fit for a king, so to say. Well, that's the goal at least...

What else? I love witty chats, playing music and performing, traveling, computers and green apples. I hate getting up early, cockroaches, shopping, money, cooking and spam. To mention a few.

To know more u just gotta IM me.

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