Friday, November 20, 2009

Talented creators of SL (12) The Princess and the Pea and ‘Twas’ by Toxic Menges

By Lord Lisle

Machinima taken in SL are in many cases rather boring and often I click them away long before they have even ended. But once in a while one come across a pearl of creativity and labour of love. This was definitely the case when I saw (in awe) Toxic Menges interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea' (watched on a big screen in Ukanipo, 27, 133, 30)
Apart from very well taken shots, I was particularly impressed by the clear and fine articulated narration of the tale, plus of course the well performed background music. Well done Toxic!

Fortunately for us we do not have to log in to Second Life to watch the Machinima (although it IS much more fun :-)) but we can simply view it on YouTube as shown below!

I could not resist in sending Toxic an IM in which I expressed my very favourite commentary, along with a few questions AND if she agreed that I linked the machinima to the Metaversal Arts Blog.
LL: Are you a creative person in rl and is your daily life or occupation related with media?
Toxic: Machinima and photography in SL are my only real creative outlets, I don't even own a camera (still or otherwise) in RL. My job is in the media, I work for a website as a community manager.
LL: Your voice is well articulated and clear, have you done reading for an audience previously?
Toxic: Not really, although I did a narration for a previous machinima (Mother Nature's Nightmares), I think it's something I need to work on, and become a little more animated.
LL: Do you have any well formulated plans for SL and can we expect more of your machinima in the future?
Toxic: I want to continue enjoying my time in SL, I love making machinima, and it has pushed me to learn a skillset I would never had had the chance to explore otherwise. I enjoy making films for people to enjoy - mostly I am a little selfish, and make them for myself and if others enjoy them that's good. I have to wait to see what arrives in my brain for my next machinima, there is something slowly forming, but it's not something I can force to arrive - but it may well be a take on another well known fairy tale :)

Toxic revealed that she owned the sim (partly rented) Twas 197, 97, 29 which was recently rebuilt and she thought that I might be interested in explore this. I got the advice to take an umbrella as the place is affected by rain and thunderstorms at times.
It was only the next day that I had time to go to 'Twas' but I was not disappointed in what I came across: a wonderful wood (yes, I DID needed my wellingtons and macintosh there, haha), lakes, waterfall, a cave with rare mushrooms, an old castle with a library in the top room, and literally on top of this two floating islands. This rather surrealistic touch reminded me a bit to famour sl creator AM Radio and rl Salvador Dali.... As a few images can tell so much more than a million words, I took the opportunity to take a few representative snapshots which I gladly have reproduced here. Oh yes, put your world environment setting to 'region default' for an optimal 'experience' :-)

A view of the main entrance of the old castle with the wishing well in the foreground

Midnight in Twas. The rain has stopped and a bleak moon is projecting its rays on the largest floating island and the castle

The floating islands are located just above the low hanging clouds. Mooring cables being anchored in the rocks below prevents them to drift away

Thank you so much for sharing this all with us Toxic! :-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 or a party in Edufinland

By Lord Lisle

Invited to attend a Halloween party at the EduFinland sim I hasitated to attend as I really did not know what to expect. That attitude changed drastically when at the arrival I was overwhelmed by the number of party-guests, the music and above all the creation of the venue

The Halloween party venue was a huge converted pumpkin, tastfully decorated with attributes I never had seen before

A sneak view through one of the openings of the pumpkin..note the massive swarm of nasty bats

At my arrival the party was already in full swing, the place was well filled. Anyone had done their best to wear an appropriate outfit

Yolanda Hirvi as greeter and DJ spinning good music (yes, even numbers from my beloved Queen)

A selection of snaphots taken of the wonderfully dressed guests attending the Halloween party

Polonaise at the end of the well organised and most pleasant party. A big thank you to the organisers.

The Haunted House

By Lord Lisle

The creations and buildings of Yolanda Hirvi are as usual wonderful and well developed, but this time she surpassed herself with the Haunted House, situated in the Finland Edu cluster of Sims
Edufinland IV (94, 37, 471)
No description this time, I want you to find out yourself if you dare……beware it IS rather dark!

Side view of the Haunted House. Just visible is the ubiquitous house ghost. No, she does not bite, just ignore her...

Miauw, the Haunted House stray cat is watching any movement at the front door...

Ohhh dear, what has happened in the kitchen....., there is blood everywhere...

Beware when entering the hall, a pile of skuls may fall upon you!