Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another Day at the Races or ‘The First Great Oldtimer Race’

By Lord Lisle

Last weekend Jenne Dibou and Mandy Marseille, proprietors and content creators of the JD Mechanical Toy Factory organised (again) a very successful and most pleasant race at their now well known ~JD~ MTF racing track at SOL Solution Island/145/115/580/.
This time the race was held with Oldtimer cars, for the race being provided (in the colour of the participant’s choice) by the organisers. In order to get the driver accustomed with the controls and handling of this car (which is quite temperamental in its 3rd gear) the participants could do practice laps at the track until 2 hours before the start, until qualification races were held.
A view through the greasy windows of the repair garage at the JD MTF racing track
The number of participants (the reknown SL champion racer Wildstar Beaumont could not attend due to RL flue) was quite enough to perform a number of races (which were held with three drivers per race, taking three laps).

The winners you ask?
First place: Arta Rosse
Second Place: Tyger Freenote
Third place: Gyuszi Balatron

And yours truly’s rank? Don’t ask, I went there for fun, and I really enjoyed the event like I did more than a year ago when Jenne and Mandy organised a Vintage Motorcycle race at the same track. If you like to be informed about future racing events at the ~JD~ MTF track, consider a free membership of the Mechanical Toy Factory group which is located at SOL Solution Island/181/23/319/
As one snapshot can tell more than 1000 words, I conclude this entry with a number of action photos taken during the event.
I drove a yellow coloured vintage car together with my mechanical engineer/co-driver
Inspection of the engine prior the race. No turbo engine I am afraid...but it has the advantage of three hand operated gears
The first race: due to space limitations the races were organised in batches of three drivers
The organisers and racing directors: Mandy and Jenne sitting comfy at the bridge
Accident at the second lap: turnover of one of the participant's vehicle
...another view of the accident. This may happen if you drive too fast whilst making a sharp turn
Impression of the 4th race, third lap. I was already kicked out of the race at that time
The winners of The First Great Oldtimer Race!
Group photograph of all participants and spectators of The First Great Oldtimer Race
Thank you VERY much for organising this event Jenne and Mandy. I guess that we all look forward to the next race!