Friday, November 28, 2008

It's ice skating time again in Cherish!

By Lord Lisle

Not very long ago Jokul Frosti, better known as Jack Frost arrived in Second Life and did not neglect to touch the Metaversal Arts Island located at Cherish/159/201/60
The landing plaza was instantly transformed into a nice ice rink where skating is a pleasure under the huge Spruce fir which was planted by Yolanda Hirvi. Expect to find a lot of snow so put on your winterclothes, handshoes and knit muffler.
Three different kinds of free skates and a snowball thrower are available as welcome gifts for those who are keen on skating and for those who want to try the ice for the first time. See ye on the ice rink folks!

Again on ice after almost a year! Apparently Lord Lisle has not forgotten his skills of figure skating (only showoff, its just his skating Hud, ahem)

THIS is what will happen in a moment of absence whilst receiving an IM (or pressing the wrong button on the Hud, hehe)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sad Days in Second Life

by Lord Lisle

Although we all know that most Second Life builds last for a short or slightly longer period, it is still a shock when you return to a saved SL landmark and find that a beautiful build place, landscape of castle is being replaced by yet another ugly club, brothel or private estate with protection shields. When you are a bit longer in SL you get used to these phenomena although in every case you feel a bit of sadness.

Some time ago when I still had my little gallery in Faeria, our small community was unpleasantly surprised by a huge orgy hall, build behind tall walls, straight adjacent our old street. This caused much annoyance and eventual resulted in the move of a row of houses and a general shuffle of other buildings. After this Faeria was never as it used to be, I am sorry to say. I shouldn’t have worried as Faeria is no longer and taken over by a dark role play group. Do not look back spiteful, Mykyl Nordwind, Gardener of Faeria, the wonderful memory linger on!

Lord Lisle’s gallery with paintings by Sir Alma Tadema in Faeria

Therefore you may understand the deep sadness I felt after the announcement of the Governor of Colonial Waikiti, Atashi Toshihiko, that 5 of the 9 sims are going to close, including Waikiti Aerodrome and the Mad Governor’s workshop in Tangiwai.

How it was: flying over Tangiwai with Minaki Aerodrome in the background

Fortunately, four friendly and beautiful residential sims will be retained, including the secret caves in Waiki Atoll. The aerodrome will eventually be back but on a smaller size and boating will still be encouraged. I personally felt much the loss of Tangiwai, the hide-out of the Mad Governor under the covert name of 'Trading and Imports'

The Mad Governor’s workshop at Tangiwai: past and gone...

This afternoon I took a farewell boattrip in Sin Trenton’s old but trusty 'Canal Runner' over the sunken land of Minaki Aerodrome, Tangiwai, Murulla, Berala and Ranui, knowing that this would be my last visit to these sims. I was very sad about the loss of the aerodrome, with its wide runway with no obstructions, hardly any lag when flying over the 9 peaceful sims and no griefers.

Boating on the silent and gloomy waters over the sunken land of Minaki Aerodrome at sunset today: my last trip to this place

My next shock came this morning when I landed on Hirvi Estate: all the beautiful trees in brown and yellow autumn colours were gone, as well as the harbour, the houses, stables and all those detailed items which made this place so special and relaxing. What remained was only the bridge and deserted grounds. Of course, Yolanda Hirvi, the owner and great creator of Hirvi Estate should be pitied much more as she will fell the loss of her place obviously much deeper than I.

Hirvi Estate as I found it at dawn today, a bleak and desolate place.

The beautiful harbour and ‘Seaview house’ as it was in Hirvi Estate

I just wonder what will be the next great place which must close its doors caused by the upcoming Openspace price increase….isn't it sad?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A second revolution in Second Life?

by Lord Lisle

After reading the bad news about the Openspace sims issues and the possible impact on the long term, I talked with numerous SL citizens on this matter. Sin Trenton pointed me at the Massively website: in which Tateru Nino wrote:

Second Life users are already calling it Second Life's second revolution. Outside of Linden Lab's in-world Land Team offices, capacity crowds of users have been gathered through much of the day, though there's been nary a Linden Lab staffer in sight. People are cursing, newcomers are asking for protest signs, and there's angry chatter in over a dozen languages. There are a lot of Europeans here, which is not unexpected. They have to pay VAT on top of any additional costs.
There is talk about switching the signs and banners for flaming torches and pitchforks, because, if nothing else Second Life users find value in tradition. There are even discussions about picketing Linden Lab's Battery Street office in San Francisco.
All of this started yesterday at 6PM SLT (US Pacific time) when Jack Linden, head of Linden Lab's land team,
announced a price-rise to void simulators (known to Linden Lab as Openspace sims). The reaction since then has been ... robust.

I lost no time in having a look at the Linden Lab's inworld Land Team offices and was not disappointed: dozens of citizens posting with protest signs, in the mean time loudly discussing the matter.

At the main entrance of Linden Lab's inworld Land Team offices.

I heard of similar actions being organised shortly; one thing is certain: LL won't get away this this issue so easily. See YOU at the Land Team offices entrance!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Linden Lab - The big scam?

by Yolanda Hirvi
The dream is over folks.. I am too angry to even write about this so I have gathered quotes from the blog by Atashi Toshihiko owner of Waikiti Island -estate. She really says it all.
This move from Linden Lab is killing SL economy. Not just affects to ALL.
Is this a scam? Or just a huge mistake from Linden Lab.. It is up to you to decide.

Atashi Toshohiko writes:
Linden Lab has a history of making sweeping policy changes without any consultation with their customers, and seemingly without any concern for the consequences. They have a history of deceit, misrepresentation, and general mismanagement. By now, I've come to expect that - it's part of the "Second Life Experience."

In March 2008, Linden Lab announced huge changes to their Open Space region policy. Originally, OpenSpace regions were only available in blocks of 4 at a time. They had to be anchored to an existing sim. They only had 1875 prims (1/8 the prims of a regular region, but at 1/4 the price.) Now, you could be them in onesies. They would have 3750 prims. They didn't need to be attatched to anything.

The OpenSpace market exploded. In the first 6 weeks, they were selling thousands of these sims, at $425 each. We bought three of them. It seemed like a great deal.

Then in April 2008, Linden Lab suddenly announced that they were cutting the price of buying a private island. From $1675 to $1000. And Openspace from $425 to $250. The already-flooded land market, was about to get flooded some more. The number of private estates skyrocketed. Now in addition to vastly increased competition on a level playing field, we had to contend with yet more competition, where all our new competitors had a 35% advantage on us in terms of startup fees. Waikiti started to see occupancy drop, and not recover.

Meanwhile, they continued to pump out more and more mainland - including themed areas like Bay City and now the new Nautilus. The price of mainland continued to drop lower and lower, while the map got bigger and bigger. Concurrency however, remained the same. 60,000 people and 30,000 regions.


Yesterday, Linden Lab announced another policy and price change: See the blog entry here.

In a nutshell, they a) cut all the big barriers to ownership of Openspace regions, b) doubled the prim allotment for openspace regions, and c) encouraged their use as standalone islands by not requiring them to be anchored to anything. Now they are blaming their customer base for using openspace regions "too much". They claim that they never thought usage of openspace regions would double. This from the people who doubled the prim allotment and cut the purchase price - they doubled the prims and didn't expect usage would double.

So instead of either throttling performance to be inline with expectations, or raising service levels to meet the demand, they have opted to simply increase the monthly fees by 67%, from $75 to $125 / month. Unlike the price increase in November 2006, there will be no grandfathering of rates. Indeed, for holders of already-grandfathered openspace sims, their monthly fees are going from $50 to $125 - a 150% increase.

Somehow, according to Linden logic, this will magically make the problem go away. Of course, the problem will go away with all the estates that go bankrupt or abandon their openspace regions.

You can read the original post here

Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking snapshots in Second Life or A Few Hints To Improve The Quality Of Your Pictures

by Lord Lisle

This is not a complete guide for enhancing your snapshots but just a few hints in the direction to obtain far better results with just a bit more effort. Although you may find the number of settings and sliders in the Advanced Sky and Advanced Water menus complicated at first (and you ARE right, they are confusing!), it is really worthwhile to play with them. As an alternative you can try the presets which give in many instances a dramatic effect to your snapshots.

Start with Edit, Preferences and check the Custom box. Set the Quality-Performance slider to Ultra. (Whilst taking pictures we do not need high speed….) Set the Draw Distance to about 256 m (at a later stage you may want to alter this in order to filter out distant objects) and click on OK. These steps will already give an improvement.

Assuming that you have already found a good object for your snapshot, go to World, Environment Settings and Environment Editor. End here the real fun starts: with the three sliders provided you are able to set the daytime, cloud cover and water fog.
Just experiment with these sliders, it’s just a small sample of the contents of the two next menus: Advanced Sky and Advanced Water. In both menus you find lots of sliders, each with the ability to set the time, sky, water, weather to your liking. EVER wanted to see the sun go down at a certain place? No problem with the East Angle slider and Sun Position slider.
As mentioned earlier, you may first want to try the Sky presets and Water presets.
Needless to say that taking a snapshot in this mode takes much time, but the results will be astonishing.

When your photo session is done, do not forget to reset the presets to Default and set the Quality/Performance and Draw Distance to their original (lower) value.
No doubt you find in experimenting with these powerful features a new challenge, although initially taking some time.

I conclude this entry with a few examples I took recently in Hirvi Estate, Fatimas Cherished

'Standard' initial settings

Ultra high quality settings

Manual setting: Sunrise

Manual setting: Sunset

Sky Preset: Gelatto

Sky Preset: Blizzard

Sky Preset: Ghost

Sky Preset: Incongruent Truths

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The magic of AM Radio or Talented Creators of SL (6)

by Lord Lisle

Whilst roaming around in ‘Burning Life’ I came across a fascinating build: ‘Beneath The Tree That Died’, a touch of surrealism (inspired by the work of Dali?) in a wonderful setting with highly detailed objects.
Set under the soil there is a telescope projecting through the grass to the outside world. A long legged chair (this detail reminded me very strongly to Dali) gives you the opportunity to look to the stars in the ’other world’.
It is really a pity that this fantastic build lasted only for such a short while. Therefore I took a quick search for AM Radio to see whether he has created more similar builds. I was not disappointed and the next hours I spend in awe behind my screen, wandering around and taking many snapshots in the wonderful world of AM Radio. As one picture can tell more than 1000 words, I take you into AM Radio’s world by just providing landmarks and associated snapshots
Is it AM Radio’s topics (vintage radio receivers, astronomy, radio astronomy, old books, wide landscapes, surrealistic paintings; all having my personal interest) that caught my eyes? I do not know as I have had not yet the opportunity to have a conversation with this great creator. I really wonder what he had in mind creating these pieces of his world.

Inside the build 'Beneath The Tree That Died', sitting at a table and admiring the detailed telescope, hidden behind the roots of the dead tree. On the table a vintage valve radio receiver and a pair of headphones, objects I noticed in many of AM Radio’s other creations.

Beneath The Tree That Died’ as seen from the Other World. An observant eye may see me sitting in the high legged chair gazing stars. Unfortunately this part of AM Radio's world was an entry for 'Burning Life' and lasted just for the occasion.

The Far Away - Dreamworld North (220, 130, 22) - Wheat fields

In the centre of the wheat fields you find another surrealistic element: a rusty old steam engine.

Going ahead to AM Radio’s The Refuge and Expansion, Imperial Court of Wales, Welsh Cove (24, 126, 24) you find a similar theme.

The petrol station in The Refuge and Expansion as seen from the other side of the road. Do not miss exploring AM Radios den, located in the house further on the road opposite the water tank.

AM Radio’s virtual den in The Refuge and Expansion. Note the wonderfully build telescope, a microscope and other small objects on the desk.

Radio Imperial Court of Wales, Radio, Welsh Lakes (135, 129, 24)

The Quiet Terraform By Poid Mahovlich then Very Finely Tuned by Am Radio, Princeton Academic Services, Princeton West (152, 174, 26)

Husk Reboot An NMC sim reserved for large scale art experiments. NMC Arts Lab (154, 121, 21)

Radio Welsh Lakes (135, 117, 267)

I am very certain that you will not regret exploring AM Radio's builds.
Look at what others wrote about him:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grand Opening of Caer Blanco Today

By Darleez DeCuir

Caer Blanco is a special sim, created specially for Halloween by Second Life's top designers. There is a fully furnished haunted castle, a witch's cottage, a ghostly ship and a ruined monastery to explore - and more!

All this will raise funds for a small clinic in Lesotho, Southern Africa, through the charity Partners for Others.

And we are planning a series of exciting events too - starting this Saturday - and YOU are invited by Prim Perfect to the Grand Opening!

Date: Saturday 18th 2-4pm SLTDJ: Kiralette KellyTheme: Grand Opening - Dark Victorian ThemeMusic: Dark Victorian and Gothic music.

We'll see you there!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big Pumpkin Hunt October 11.-12.

by Yolanda Hirvi

It has started and goes on until Sunday October 12th Midnight in Metaversal Arts. Search for Treasure Pumpkins..they all contain a prize..but that is not all, when you have found all 12 of them you will get a BIG PUMPKIN prize; that is a huge collection of Oblonski furniture and other stuff from our merchants and my creator friends. Welcome and good luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn in Second Life

By Lord Lisle

It's Autumn in many places in Second Life. For some of us the end of a bright Summer and the start of cold and dark days. But would it not better to look ahead and remember what Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) told us in his 'Ode to the Westwind':

O WILD West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being—
Thou from whose unseen presence the leaves dead
O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

According to Shelley's note, "this poem was conceived and chiefly written in a wood that skirts the Arno, near Florence, and on a day when that tempestuous wind, whose temperature is at once mild and animating, was collecting the vapours which pour down the autumnal rains. They began, as I foresaw, at sunset with a violent tempest of hail and rain, attended by that magnificent thunder and lightning peculiar to the Cisalpine regions'. The complete poem can be found at many sources at the internet for example at

A bit of the Autumn atmosphere can be found at places in Second life. I can recommend the following two (both by the talented hand of our own Yolanda Hirvi): Metaversal Arts Office and Theatre and Hirvi Estate

The Metaversal Arts Office and Theatre

A typical Autumn day at Hirvi Estate at Fatimas Cherish. The sea beats the quay whilst the storm already has taken a ship aground

The secluded harbour at the other side of Hirvi Estate in the late afternoon

Whilst still at Hirvi Estate, located on Fatimas Cherish, one the Fatima Ur islands, you should not miss an exciting journey over the many waterways of this cluster of wonderful Victorian islands by two person canoe or motorboat. Both can be rezzed for free at The Victorian Village of Fatimas Desire .

If you feel rather lazy, there are free sailing boats at The Victorian Sail Boat Tour at Fatimas Smile sailing a guided tour, giving you ample time to look around.

During this journey you may see Nessie, but beware when it is hungry...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caledon the Musical

This amazing music video has filmed all around Caledon and the performers are the residents of Caledon. I think this is just fantastic!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Restoring disappeared textures!

MoonWhite Nightfire is a new memberof Metaversal Arts and not only he is very talented builder and graphics artis, he also has important notice !

There is a new but serious issue in on the SL Grid. Some textures are simply disappearing from the Linden Labs database. This can cause serious loss to content creators, and those who use their products, because if a texture goes in this way, it will go from the whole grid, though they will still be in the inventory.
There is one known solution for this.
If a texture is lost, you need a person who knows its UUID, and one who has it in the client Cache. That means, you need somebody who still sees the texture on the prim it is apllied to, or in her/his inventory. This person has to search the client Cache folder for that UUID, the file will be named on that name. After it is found, somebody has to upload it as an attachment to the Jira entry above, and in a comment, asking the restoration of that UUID.
The Jira entry is at:
I hope this helps!
MoonWhite Nightfire

Monday, September 15, 2008

Talented Creators of SL (Part 5): Autumn Beaver -custom builder and architect-

By Lord Lisle

You may remember that Yolanda Hirvi took me to the Virtuality Ride in the Music Academy Online-SL (MAO) sim? Eventually I happen to meet the creator of this wonderful piece of SL building, Autumn Beaver, the resident builder of the MAO sim.

Autumn Beaver, her portrait taken on the 16th September 2008

Autumn Beaver has been building in Second Life, the online learning platform, for well over a year and a half. Studying hard, with trial and error, she has become one of the most experienced in-world builders. Because I was very curious about her motivations and background I asked what had driven her to become a builder and architect:

When did you start building and were you inspired by other SL buildings or builders?
When I started SL, creating content was a goal for sure, it gradually graduated to building, and I started out learning to create clothing, learning alpha texturing. The building came when I realized that I could go to a sandbox, and build anything I could imagine. I went to the sandboxes everyday for about 6 months. I just kept building things I wanted, or imagined. I didn’t think enough to explore SL when I came here. I was asked to come here, and no one thought enough to tell me about the TP system, or that there was this huge world to explore. A friend gave me a LM to the sandbox. I was however, inspired at the sandbox; there were some "regulars" who built amazing things. I would sit and watch them for hours.

What do you think are the most essential requirements for a successful and creative builder?
I think you have to keep your mind wide open, first and foremost. I’m self taught, so reading a lot on the forums was helpful to answer a lot of my questions. A very close second is time, I know that dedication of my time and making building here my priority is important for my business. As for Creativity, your mind is the limit; you can create anything you can imagine here, I am influenced by real life all the time. Travel I guess and exploring in SL, generate a lot of my creativity.

Autumn standing before the 'Present Age' building which took her some extra effort to get it into shape as she really had meant to.

I assume you have created your own textures for the buildings you have built? May I ask if you made these from pictures of photographs? Are you a PhotoShop user?
Actually, I do use many that I buy here in SL, I am a huge supporter of our texture artists here in SL. They work hard at their trade, and put a lot into their textures, I’m a builder, not an artist. We all have a part here. Like the real world, a mason would not paint a mural on your wall. That is not to say he couldn’t, I am talented, and creative. But I know the time it takes to make textures, my time is focused on building. I am a PSP9 user, and yes I can create textures. I do create textures for some things that I want but cannot find, and don’t have time to wait for. I will use pictures or Google for images to manipulate. Sometimes I draw them out, but I am left handed. In RL, you try drawing with your right hand with a mouse... not a pretty sight.

Do you feel that good landscaping or creative building is completely different?
Hmm, that question was difficult to understand, I apologise if I’m a little slow today. I do believe that landscaping and building can walk hand and hand beautifully. I however, can build into any landscape, so for me, personally, landscaping is an after thought.

What do you consider yourself as the best you have created so far? (Personally I fancy your Virtuality Ride in Music Academy Online-SL, every time I went back to show it to a friend I see another new detail)
Well thank you so much, The Virtuality Ride is definitely my favourite as of yet, I have new favourites daily... The ride challenged me to think about what someone else was "Creatively" thinking, when he composed a piece of music. It was a challenge, but a welcome one. I love that I got to listen to Benton's ideas on what he saw, but really that I got to run with it, and interpret it to be my own art, a visuality of Amin's Virtuality. This is my favourite one at this time. There are many on the Music Academy Online-SL, that I hold dear, The Rosslyn Chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel in the Music Academy Online-SL

Have you been working on other projects than the Music Academy Online SL?
Yes, in fact I am working on another sim, whose grand opening is coming up soon; it is a classical music sim as well. I am the main architect there. There are many awesome builds on this sim, a tower for one, with a rotating cafe on top. A ski lift and ski lodge. I also have a few other clients I am working with, some are educational sims, and some are not. I also have my own furniture store in Searobin, it was a main focus, when I started building, it is more my hobby now. I make things for it when I can. I focus all of my time on my clients. I live, breath, strive for building by the seat of my pants, so to speak.. I love the challenges.

I would really like to thank you all for taking interest in my builds and the Virtualty Ride especially. I love hearing from everyone how much they enjoy my work. This being my real life job, of course, making a living is wonderful. But the real payment is the knowledge that other people enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it. I love building and I hope to be at it for the next 50 years..

In the grotto (Utwig/156/208/704/) of another fascinating tour in Music Academy Online-SL created by Autumn

Thank you very much Autumn, we do hope to hear (and view in awe) more of you and your work in the future, in particular the new sim you are working in right now. If anyone out there have a "dream", an in-world aspiration and need an in-world architect/builder, you may want to contact her or just a have a look at her website

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pretty and free

by Yolanda Hirvi
I designed this chest to hold your secrets...Obeys your commands. And you can sit
on it too..
Or you can use it as a
3 prims, and it is copyable, it is pretty and is free.

You can find it in Metaversal Arts' Court Yard (next to dance animations).

Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day At The Races

By Lord Lisle

You may know, dear reader of this Blog, that I am not a biker guy. I must, however, hasten to tell that years ago I owned a (in 1968) already vintage 1952 Piaggio Vespa Scooter, at that time the only motor transport I could afford. Therefore I still have an affection to vintage motorcycles and do enjoy very much the look and sound of (for example) an early twin cylinder Douglas machine. It is therefore not very strange that each time I visit the JD Mechanical Toy Factory that I am attracted to a fine replica of a 1915 motorcycle which is for sale at that place. I never got myself in buying one, however, as I am saving L$ for the purchase of a (to me rather expensive) DeHaviliant Mosquito airplane.

Anyhow, two days ago the announcement of a motorcycle race, organised by Jenne Dibou and Mandy Marseille, CEO's of the JD Mechanical Toy Factory gave me a fair excuse to buy this machine, hehe!

Lord Lisle posing as the proud owner of a 1915 twin cylinder motorcycle standing before the Babbage City Wall, another creation of the talented JD Mechanical Toy Factory owners. Riding in this place he soon found out that this motorcycle was almost exclusively designed for track racing. This beautifully crafted machine has three gears and a very realistic sound. The best thing is that you can take two passengers, eminently suitable for your friends, especially those who are hardly capable of even riding roller skates (!)

The day before the actual race, participants (everyone welcome) were allowed to do a number of practice drive laps, to make themself familiar with the track and the motorcycle. Those who were not in the possesion of a machine were given one on loan. After I few practice rounds I found that gear 3 was the most optimal and releasing the throttle before making a turn is definitely the best if you do not want to crash against the walls of the track. As I had not much time to do further practice, I hoped for the best and went to a quiet place to inspect my inventory for a suitable dress. Goggles and a leather outfit would be the least to wear. Yolanda Hirvi agreed to join me in the race, sitting in the sidecar as co-rider and actively helping not to get the motorcycle overturned whilst making left turns.

A view at the pitstop at the race track of the JD Mechanical Toy Factory

When we arrived at the JD Mechanical Toys Factory race track that day, the pits were filled with busy avi's starting their motorbikes and others turning practice laps.

Leaving the pitstop for our first practice lap. The actual race was to ride 10 laps, an in-world counter measured the number of laps and the time. Two officials (guess who..) monitored whether participants were not cheating or playing dirty tricks..

The race is on!!! Here Yo and I are overtaken by one of the other participants, he appeared later the winner.

Eventually we managed to get the third place in the race. Not bad for an inexperienced driver. Here a group snapshot taken after the end of the race at the winners platform.

From this place I must again say a few words of appreciation to the organisers of the first motorcycle race held by the JD Mechanical Toy Factory. It was really fun for all who joined in and a great pity for those who missed the opportunity to drive an original Jenney Mandy'dson 1915 motorcycle with sidecar, based on a Harley Davidson model. No doubt more races will come in due course..have a look at their place and join the JD Mechanical Toys Factory group, you will be informed in time.
That reminds me of another creation of Jenne and Mandy of JD Mechanical Toy Factory: the shooting gallery, one of which Yo has rezzed on the Metaveral Arts Island.

Here you see the well frequented shooting gallery at the Metaveral Arts Island. This attraction is really very good fun and why not held a competion with your friends? You find the place at the left side of the Metaversal Theatre Can YOU beat my high score?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Music Academy Online-SL A follow up (2) or ..... 'A Night In The Opera'

By Lord Lisle

Yesterday I spend much of my precious SL time in Music Academy Online-SL. I did not regret this as you shall read in the following lines and in the snapshots I took. Later in the evening (just before closing down) I happen to meet Maar Auer. I showed her some of the attactions in the MAO sim I had visited earlier and she was absolutely fascinated, in particular the Virtuality Ride!

Anyhow, a careful reader of my previous Blog may remember that I was sitting in a leather couch in the Bachhaus..

Sitting in a comfy couch in the JS Bachhaus listening to parts of the Brandenburg Concerto

The JS Bachhaus, Baroque period, a detailed creation of MAO residential builder Autumn Beaver. In this Blog you find more samples of her work.

Starting exactly at the scheduled time (!) and for us living in the Old World at a very decent time of 11.00 PM, I attended “THE MUSIC OF TANKU KALIGAWA (ANTHONY JOSEPH LANMAN)”

During the actual (recorded) music of this composer, (each piece being explained by Tanku via the music stream) the audience could ask questions about his work via chat, really another fascinating possibility of Second Life. Tanku also hosts a live show at the Music Academy every other Thursday called "Guitar Heroes" featuring the greatest guitarists from every genre of guitar music.

Although I had visited this attraction very briefly earlier this week, I took the opportunity to explore BOLERO ELECTRONICA more closely. Ravel’s Bolero performed on 75 years of synthesizers in chronological order.

Amin Bhatia has done a great job in providing an overview of the history of development in synthesizers.

Surprise! One of the oldest electronic music instruments: the Theramin.

Classical Music in Independence Hall, also a creation by Autumn Beaver.

Listening to contemporary music inside the Independence Hall. Note the RL picture of the hall.

Rosslyn, Medieval period

The Borden Home, Romantic period. Music of Mahler can be heard a this place.. I had a little hope to be able to listen to a piece of Richard Wagner (hint, hint… but NO, not the complete Ring please

During the day I had the honour to meet the CEO of Music Academy Online-SL Benton Wunderlich and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions:

Can you tell me briefly how the idea of creating the MAO-SL started?

Music Academy Online-SL started in January 2007 as an extension of our RL business, Music Academy Online is dedicated to generating interest in classical music.

I firmly believe that the kind of immersive, interactive, 3D environment that this type of virtual world provides has dramatic implications for those of us dedicated to generating interest in classical music at all levels, including music education, music appreciation, and especially for the promotion of new music and living composers. Imagine being able to talk with a composer, or author, or music educator in real time from the comfort of your own computer. This environment has the potential to reach out to the four corners of the planet and to make the world a better place one friendship at a time.

Did the building of this place take long?

The building is an ongoing process as we are always developing new exhibits and attractions. Basically, the main building went pretty fast, we started in February and were up and running by March. Autumn Beaver is fantastic. She is our builder.

Are you satisfied with the number of people visiting the place and the concerts?

It is always nice to see larger and larger crowds but, we have had a blast with the crowds we have been having. The show is usually less full than we would like it particularly because we have such incredibly accomplished and unique guests.

Do you plan to give more live concerts in the future?

We will be doing a series of 5 live concerts with the ANALOG ARTS ENSEMBLE beginning the 4th of September and culminating on September 12 with a performance of Stockhausen's music in honour of his birthday. These events will be live performances broadcast from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Are there ideas to expand the place or changing the place?

Someday we hope to have many sims.

Thank you very much for giving this extra information, Benton! I am particularly pleased to see that you manage to have so many unique guests performing at your podium. Living in The Netherlands I find it hard to stay up very late most of the times, so I am glad you organise performances at an earlier time!

Apart from the very interesting and fascinating concerts and the already covered attractions I leave it to you to explore the Music Academy Online-SL, you will not regret doing so!