Friday, June 27, 2008

Visiting Prim Perfect Halls on the SL5B Exhibition

by Darleez DeCuir

Happy 5th Birthday Second Life! The SL5B two weeks’ celebration and exhibitions all over the SL5B sims are worth of visiting. The SL5B exhibitions are open until 6th July, so hurry! Well, Metaversal Arts does not have its own exhibition area, but there are lots of fabulous and exiting things to see. We warmly recommend you to visit at least the Prim Perfect’s one at SL5B Hippos. If you look carefully, among other interesting and beautiful creations you might see there something familiar from Metaversal Arts too!

When you enter the Prim Perfect Hall you get an Exhibition Catalogue and a notecard telling all the details about the exhibition and what all the settings are about. In the courtyard you can find a Prim Perfect vendor, just take your own copy of the magazine for free! There is also a wonderful wish fountain, seating arrangements from Maxwell Graf of Rustica and Gwen Carillon of Elements in Design. I have Gwen’s DeVine in my own garden too and I can tell you that this is the seat I sit in most when I’m in my garden.

Metaversal Arts co-owners Yolanda and Darleez in the courtyard, ready to explore the Prim Perfect and Meta Makeover exhibition halls.

Overview to the Prim Perfect Hall. Each magazine issue has its own exhibition stand with sample of work from the designer of that particular month.

Chilling on the Orkney themed stand - in front of the Prim Perfect’s first birthday celebration issue.

Meta Makeover Hall. On the right is the episode 5 stand, the one with Yolanda’s makeover to a cottage on the harbourside in Orkney.

On the other side of the Meta Makeover Hall you can find a television lounge created by The Loft.

In the courtyard café you can relax and have a cup of coffee, watch the Meta Makeover shows on a tv-screen, or try out the popular new dances from Maar Auer of Metaversal Arts - Charleston, SlowOne and Valze.


On the web you can read more about Prim Perfect Publications’ SL5B exhibition halls in the Prim Perfect Blog.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SS Galaxy - Queen of the Sagittarian Sea

by Darleez DeCuir

SS Galaxy, anchored in the Sagittaria Estate, celebrated its 1 year anniversary in June 21st – 22nd 2008. SS Galaxy is a creation of architect Bill Stirling - it is the only full size, full scaled, and full featured virtual cruise ship in Second Life. It spans 3 sims with more than 8 decks of fun and entertainment.

Read more about the ship and the activities it has to offer on the SS Galaxy website.

As I currently hold a position as a Stage Manager on the Meta Makeover Show (for SLCN TV) production team, I was honoured to celebrate the 1 year anniversary as a VIP Ticket holder on board together with the Prim Perfect Publications staff. Thanks to the whole team for this wonderful experience, and especially to Saffia Widdershins, the CEO of Prim Perfect Publications, Editor of the Prim Perfect Magazine and Hostess of the Meta Makeover Show who invited her staff to celebrate this magnificent event.

Saffia Widdershins, Davon Westland, Kittie Munro, Darleez DeCuir, Matelisse Criss and Perry Applemoore ready to celebrate in the Black and Gold Gala featuring Paisley Beebe Trio.

During the anniversary weekend there were also lots of fun stuff on board; fireworks, skeet shoot competitions, helicopter rides around the ship and more. And what did I dare, yes – take the helicopter ride…

Here we fly and admire the gorgeous views!

Helicopter ride passing the SS Galaxy boarding gangway.

After the helicopter ride I was enjoying a wonderful concert, Mia Maxted playing and singing live in the Zodiac Ballroom.

Mia Maxted’s concert in the Zodiac Ballroom.

Well done Galaxy, I hope many more years to come for this luxurious ship. I also want to thank the friendly and helpful staff I met there. I am so going to visit The Galaxy soon again and encourage you to do that too!

On the stairway to the Zodiac Ballroom.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jukka Wilkinson lives his fairytale - and makes us dance in the air.

by Yolanda Hirvi
Not a long ago a country man of mine (I am from Finland) walked to Metaversal Arts. He had heard of our venture and wanted to see how the girls from "the neighbour" are doing. We started to change opinions about SL and as he tryed out Maar's dance animations, he mentioned he has a store and he has actually made dance animations too. For me, everyone who can animate is a next to divine being .I perked instantly and ask to see those. "They are not original dances", he warned me. And yes, they certainly were not.
I hopped on the dance pad and ZMOG..I flew in the air! I swirled and spinned. My hair and skirts flew in the wind.. I laughed like a child as I felt light as a weather. And most of all I felt tranquilty and inner peace flowing in me like a warm thick liquid.
That is what SL is for; to break the limitations of RL. Why dance on the ground when we can do it in the air!

Metaversal Arts is now honoured to bring you the experience of dancing in the air. Just tp to Metaversal Arts and have a try. (You can find them in the yard, near Maar Auer's dance animations)

Jukka says that he made the animations originally for his fae companion Siri. They were looking for dances that would be suitable for faegirl but there was nothing. After the two fairygirl dances Jukka made more..suitable for both sexes and one for mermaids. And currently he is working on airdances for couples! But most of all Jukka thinks that SL should be fun (and not for hard work) and the place where you can live your fairytale. And he is doing that with all his mage's heart. But I honestly hope that he will continue to work with dance animations.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All the new stuff

by Yolanda Hirvi

There is tons of new stuff in Metaversal Arts Shop. I wandered around and took a few snapshots of the new creations of our talented merchants. Also I some of my new garden stuff and furniture.

Arundel Designs : Victorian gowns. Oh soooo pretty!

More from Arundel; Pirate jackets, hats and boots!

Kheph's Creations : Steam/cyberpunk "Gargoyle" gadgets and acessories

Kheph's Steamlifts, these are so cool..4 different models.

This is my favourite ! Steampunk music box by Capalini.
(The gears move and it plays Russian Lullaby!)

Hanging rosebaskets , potted herbs and garden plaques by Oblonski

Two new fountains by Oblonski

*Oblonski* "Henry" sidetable and washing cabinet