Monday, June 21, 2010

Second Life 7th Birthday June 2010 SL7B

by Lord Lisle
This week the celebrations for the 7th birthday of Second Life will be held. Spanning 21 sims with over 700 contributors, over 300 exhibits, over 300 live performers and speakers with special speeches from Philip and M Linden, SL7B is a showcase for the accomplishments and content of all SL residents, celebrating the “life” of Second Life.

Sponsored by Linden Lab, this year's theme is “Unexpected Collaborations,” a celebration of the unique character of our special world. With an emphasis on the social networks created through Second Life and the chances for creative and productive collaboration, the celebration will go on from June 21 through June 27

It started the first year as a parade through mainland sims, with Philip Linden giving a speech over their newly connected media stream. Each subsequent year it has become more elaborate, more spacious, more compelling as the technology of Second Life has increased and the creativity of the residents has bloomed. Enjoy with us this year live musicians and DJs, exhibits, media-on-prim, and machinima.

This is the world we've made: let's celebrate!

In a sneak preview I tried to capture a bit of the atmosphere: enjoy your visit, being one of the major events, its almost compulsory.

You may start your visit HERE: SLB7 Welcome Area, SL7B Unique (6, 59, 23)

June 21—10:00 a.m. SLT: Gates open to the public for the opening ceremonies. Scripts and build disabled throughout estates for the duration of opening ceremonies to discourage instances of lag and disruption. They will be turned back on after the opening speech.

11:00 am. Philip Linden speaks, opening the celebrations.

June 23—The Birthday!
9:00 am slt. M Linden speaks.

June 26—Official Closing Ceremony.

June 27—Last day of entertainment.

July 3--Gates close. Sims will be locked.

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