Sunday, September 21, 2008

Restoring disappeared textures!

MoonWhite Nightfire is a new memberof Metaversal Arts and not only he is very talented builder and graphics artis, he also has important notice !

There is a new but serious issue in on the SL Grid. Some textures are simply disappearing from the Linden Labs database. This can cause serious loss to content creators, and those who use their products, because if a texture goes in this way, it will go from the whole grid, though they will still be in the inventory.
There is one known solution for this.
If a texture is lost, you need a person who knows its UUID, and one who has it in the client Cache. That means, you need somebody who still sees the texture on the prim it is apllied to, or in her/his inventory. This person has to search the client Cache folder for that UUID, the file will be named on that name. After it is found, somebody has to upload it as an attachment to the Jira entry above, and in a comment, asking the restoration of that UUID.
The Jira entry is at:
I hope this helps!
MoonWhite Nightfire

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