Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn in Second Life

By Lord Lisle

It's Autumn in many places in Second Life. For some of us the end of a bright Summer and the start of cold and dark days. But would it not better to look ahead and remember what Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) told us in his 'Ode to the Westwind':

O WILD West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being—
Thou from whose unseen presence the leaves dead
O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?

According to Shelley's note, "this poem was conceived and chiefly written in a wood that skirts the Arno, near Florence, and on a day when that tempestuous wind, whose temperature is at once mild and animating, was collecting the vapours which pour down the autumnal rains. They began, as I foresaw, at sunset with a violent tempest of hail and rain, attended by that magnificent thunder and lightning peculiar to the Cisalpine regions'. The complete poem can be found at many sources at the internet for example at

A bit of the Autumn atmosphere can be found at places in Second life. I can recommend the following two (both by the talented hand of our own Yolanda Hirvi): Metaversal Arts Office and Theatre and Hirvi Estate

The Metaversal Arts Office and Theatre

A typical Autumn day at Hirvi Estate at Fatimas Cherish. The sea beats the quay whilst the storm already has taken a ship aground

The secluded harbour at the other side of Hirvi Estate in the late afternoon

Whilst still at Hirvi Estate, located on Fatimas Cherish, one the Fatima Ur islands, you should not miss an exciting journey over the many waterways of this cluster of wonderful Victorian islands by two person canoe or motorboat. Both can be rezzed for free at The Victorian Village of Fatimas Desire .

If you feel rather lazy, there are free sailing boats at The Victorian Sail Boat Tour at Fatimas Smile sailing a guided tour, giving you ample time to look around.

During this journey you may see Nessie, but beware when it is hungry...

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