Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking snapshots in Second Life or A Few Hints To Improve The Quality Of Your Pictures

by Lord Lisle

This is not a complete guide for enhancing your snapshots but just a few hints in the direction to obtain far better results with just a bit more effort. Although you may find the number of settings and sliders in the Advanced Sky and Advanced Water menus complicated at first (and you ARE right, they are confusing!), it is really worthwhile to play with them. As an alternative you can try the presets which give in many instances a dramatic effect to your snapshots.

Start with Edit, Preferences and check the Custom box. Set the Quality-Performance slider to Ultra. (Whilst taking pictures we do not need high speed….) Set the Draw Distance to about 256 m (at a later stage you may want to alter this in order to filter out distant objects) and click on OK. These steps will already give an improvement.

Assuming that you have already found a good object for your snapshot, go to World, Environment Settings and Environment Editor. End here the real fun starts: with the three sliders provided you are able to set the daytime, cloud cover and water fog.
Just experiment with these sliders, it’s just a small sample of the contents of the two next menus: Advanced Sky and Advanced Water. In both menus you find lots of sliders, each with the ability to set the time, sky, water, weather to your liking. EVER wanted to see the sun go down at a certain place? No problem with the East Angle slider and Sun Position slider.
As mentioned earlier, you may first want to try the Sky presets and Water presets.
Needless to say that taking a snapshot in this mode takes much time, but the results will be astonishing.

When your photo session is done, do not forget to reset the presets to Default and set the Quality/Performance and Draw Distance to their original (lower) value.
No doubt you find in experimenting with these powerful features a new challenge, although initially taking some time.

I conclude this entry with a few examples I took recently in Hirvi Estate, Fatimas Cherished

'Standard' initial settings

Ultra high quality settings

Manual setting: Sunrise

Manual setting: Sunset

Sky Preset: Gelatto

Sky Preset: Blizzard

Sky Preset: Ghost

Sky Preset: Incongruent Truths

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Wildstar said...

very nice post, Lord
people should learn to play more with those settings
they make a totally different experience each time