Friday, November 28, 2008

It's ice skating time again in Cherish!

By Lord Lisle

Not very long ago Jokul Frosti, better known as Jack Frost arrived in Second Life and did not neglect to touch the Metaversal Arts Island located at Cherish/159/201/60
The landing plaza was instantly transformed into a nice ice rink where skating is a pleasure under the huge Spruce fir which was planted by Yolanda Hirvi. Expect to find a lot of snow so put on your winterclothes, handshoes and knit muffler.
Three different kinds of free skates and a snowball thrower are available as welcome gifts for those who are keen on skating and for those who want to try the ice for the first time. See ye on the ice rink folks!

Again on ice after almost a year! Apparently Lord Lisle has not forgotten his skills of figure skating (only showoff, its just his skating Hud, ahem)

THIS is what will happen in a moment of absence whilst receiving an IM (or pressing the wrong button on the Hud, hehe)


Darleez DeCuir said...

Woooot! Winter and the ice rink is back :-) I definitely have to wear my skates and see if I still can skate like a champion! Might need some practise... and it seems Lord does need it too. Or why he has decided to sit on the ice? Too many IMs? Blame the HUD... LOL! Ok, of course I believe you ;-)

Wildstar said...

wow .. I must come and visit ! :)