Monday, November 10, 2008

Sad Days in Second Life

by Lord Lisle

Although we all know that most Second Life builds last for a short or slightly longer period, it is still a shock when you return to a saved SL landmark and find that a beautiful build place, landscape of castle is being replaced by yet another ugly club, brothel or private estate with protection shields. When you are a bit longer in SL you get used to these phenomena although in every case you feel a bit of sadness.

Some time ago when I still had my little gallery in Faeria, our small community was unpleasantly surprised by a huge orgy hall, build behind tall walls, straight adjacent our old street. This caused much annoyance and eventual resulted in the move of a row of houses and a general shuffle of other buildings. After this Faeria was never as it used to be, I am sorry to say. I shouldn’t have worried as Faeria is no longer and taken over by a dark role play group. Do not look back spiteful, Mykyl Nordwind, Gardener of Faeria, the wonderful memory linger on!

Lord Lisle’s gallery with paintings by Sir Alma Tadema in Faeria

Therefore you may understand the deep sadness I felt after the announcement of the Governor of Colonial Waikiti, Atashi Toshihiko, that 5 of the 9 sims are going to close, including Waikiti Aerodrome and the Mad Governor’s workshop in Tangiwai.

How it was: flying over Tangiwai with Minaki Aerodrome in the background

Fortunately, four friendly and beautiful residential sims will be retained, including the secret caves in Waiki Atoll. The aerodrome will eventually be back but on a smaller size and boating will still be encouraged. I personally felt much the loss of Tangiwai, the hide-out of the Mad Governor under the covert name of 'Trading and Imports'

The Mad Governor’s workshop at Tangiwai: past and gone...

This afternoon I took a farewell boattrip in Sin Trenton’s old but trusty 'Canal Runner' over the sunken land of Minaki Aerodrome, Tangiwai, Murulla, Berala and Ranui, knowing that this would be my last visit to these sims. I was very sad about the loss of the aerodrome, with its wide runway with no obstructions, hardly any lag when flying over the 9 peaceful sims and no griefers.

Boating on the silent and gloomy waters over the sunken land of Minaki Aerodrome at sunset today: my last trip to this place

My next shock came this morning when I landed on Hirvi Estate: all the beautiful trees in brown and yellow autumn colours were gone, as well as the harbour, the houses, stables and all those detailed items which made this place so special and relaxing. What remained was only the bridge and deserted grounds. Of course, Yolanda Hirvi, the owner and great creator of Hirvi Estate should be pitied much more as she will fell the loss of her place obviously much deeper than I.

Hirvi Estate as I found it at dawn today, a bleak and desolate place.

The beautiful harbour and ‘Seaview house’ as it was in Hirvi Estate

I just wonder what will be the next great place which must close its doors caused by the upcoming Openspace price increase….isn't it sad?

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Wildstar said...

Oh my goodness!
the Hirvi estate gone!
I was there briefly after you gave me the LM a few days ago and I was able to enjoy the incredibly beauty of the place even if I explored very little.
So sad that now it is gone! :(