Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day At The Races

By Lord Lisle

You may know, dear reader of this Blog, that I am not a biker guy. I must, however, hasten to tell that years ago I owned a (in 1968) already vintage 1952 Piaggio Vespa Scooter, at that time the only motor transport I could afford. Therefore I still have an affection to vintage motorcycles and do enjoy very much the look and sound of (for example) an early twin cylinder Douglas machine. It is therefore not very strange that each time I visit the JD Mechanical Toy Factory that I am attracted to a fine replica of a 1915 motorcycle which is for sale at that place. I never got myself in buying one, however, as I am saving L$ for the purchase of a (to me rather expensive) DeHaviliant Mosquito airplane.

Anyhow, two days ago the announcement of a motorcycle race, organised by Jenne Dibou and Mandy Marseille, CEO's of the JD Mechanical Toy Factory gave me a fair excuse to buy this machine, hehe!

Lord Lisle posing as the proud owner of a 1915 twin cylinder motorcycle standing before the Babbage City Wall, another creation of the talented JD Mechanical Toy Factory owners. Riding in this place he soon found out that this motorcycle was almost exclusively designed for track racing. This beautifully crafted machine has three gears and a very realistic sound. The best thing is that you can take two passengers, eminently suitable for your friends, especially those who are hardly capable of even riding roller skates (!)

The day before the actual race, participants (everyone welcome) were allowed to do a number of practice drive laps, to make themself familiar with the track and the motorcycle. Those who were not in the possesion of a machine were given one on loan. After I few practice rounds I found that gear 3 was the most optimal and releasing the throttle before making a turn is definitely the best if you do not want to crash against the walls of the track. As I had not much time to do further practice, I hoped for the best and went to a quiet place to inspect my inventory for a suitable dress. Goggles and a leather outfit would be the least to wear. Yolanda Hirvi agreed to join me in the race, sitting in the sidecar as co-rider and actively helping not to get the motorcycle overturned whilst making left turns.

A view at the pitstop at the race track of the JD Mechanical Toy Factory

When we arrived at the JD Mechanical Toys Factory race track that day, the pits were filled with busy avi's starting their motorbikes and others turning practice laps.

Leaving the pitstop for our first practice lap. The actual race was to ride 10 laps, an in-world counter measured the number of laps and the time. Two officials (guess who..) monitored whether participants were not cheating or playing dirty tricks..

The race is on!!! Here Yo and I are overtaken by one of the other participants, he appeared later the winner.

Eventually we managed to get the third place in the race. Not bad for an inexperienced driver. Here a group snapshot taken after the end of the race at the winners platform.

From this place I must again say a few words of appreciation to the organisers of the first motorcycle race held by the JD Mechanical Toy Factory. It was really fun for all who joined in and a great pity for those who missed the opportunity to drive an original Jenney Mandy'dson 1915 motorcycle with sidecar, based on a Harley Davidson model. No doubt more races will come in due course..have a look at their place and join the JD Mechanical Toys Factory group, you will be informed in time.
That reminds me of another creation of Jenne and Mandy of JD Mechanical Toy Factory: the shooting gallery, one of which Yo has rezzed on the Metaveral Arts Island.

Here you see the well frequented shooting gallery at the Metaveral Arts Island. This attraction is really very good fun and why not held a competion with your friends? You find the place at the left side of the Metaversal Theatre Can YOU beat my high score?


Yolanda Hirvi said...

But but..I DO know how to rollerskate! I really do!

Lord Lisle said...

Well Yo, my Blog words can hardly apply to you because if really knowing how to roller skate one is fully qualified to control of Second Life cycles, motorbikes, sailboats (hehe) and aircraft.

Darleez DeCuir said...

Congratulations guys! Third place in the race, not bad at all for such beginners :-)

Maar Auer said...

Woowwwww...! Bronze!!!!! *makes waves*