Sunday, October 19, 2008

The magic of AM Radio or Talented Creators of SL (6)

by Lord Lisle

Whilst roaming around in ‘Burning Life’ I came across a fascinating build: ‘Beneath The Tree That Died’, a touch of surrealism (inspired by the work of Dali?) in a wonderful setting with highly detailed objects.
Set under the soil there is a telescope projecting through the grass to the outside world. A long legged chair (this detail reminded me very strongly to Dali) gives you the opportunity to look to the stars in the ’other world’.
It is really a pity that this fantastic build lasted only for such a short while. Therefore I took a quick search for AM Radio to see whether he has created more similar builds. I was not disappointed and the next hours I spend in awe behind my screen, wandering around and taking many snapshots in the wonderful world of AM Radio. As one picture can tell more than 1000 words, I take you into AM Radio’s world by just providing landmarks and associated snapshots
Is it AM Radio’s topics (vintage radio receivers, astronomy, radio astronomy, old books, wide landscapes, surrealistic paintings; all having my personal interest) that caught my eyes? I do not know as I have had not yet the opportunity to have a conversation with this great creator. I really wonder what he had in mind creating these pieces of his world.

Inside the build 'Beneath The Tree That Died', sitting at a table and admiring the detailed telescope, hidden behind the roots of the dead tree. On the table a vintage valve radio receiver and a pair of headphones, objects I noticed in many of AM Radio’s other creations.

Beneath The Tree That Died’ as seen from the Other World. An observant eye may see me sitting in the high legged chair gazing stars. Unfortunately this part of AM Radio's world was an entry for 'Burning Life' and lasted just for the occasion.

The Far Away - Dreamworld North (220, 130, 22) - Wheat fields

In the centre of the wheat fields you find another surrealistic element: a rusty old steam engine.

Going ahead to AM Radio’s The Refuge and Expansion, Imperial Court of Wales, Welsh Cove (24, 126, 24) you find a similar theme.

The petrol station in The Refuge and Expansion as seen from the other side of the road. Do not miss exploring AM Radios den, located in the house further on the road opposite the water tank.

AM Radio’s virtual den in The Refuge and Expansion. Note the wonderfully build telescope, a microscope and other small objects on the desk.

Radio Imperial Court of Wales, Radio, Welsh Lakes (135, 129, 24)

The Quiet Terraform By Poid Mahovlich then Very Finely Tuned by Am Radio, Princeton Academic Services, Princeton West (152, 174, 26)

Husk Reboot An NMC sim reserved for large scale art experiments. NMC Arts Lab (154, 121, 21)

Radio Welsh Lakes (135, 117, 267)

I am very certain that you will not regret exploring AM Radio's builds.
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