Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A second revolution in Second Life?

by Lord Lisle

After reading the bad news about the Openspace sims issues and the possible impact on the long term, I talked with numerous SL citizens on this matter. Sin Trenton pointed me at the Massively website: in which Tateru Nino wrote:

Second Life users are already calling it Second Life's second revolution. Outside of Linden Lab's in-world Land Team offices, capacity crowds of users have been gathered through much of the day, though there's been nary a Linden Lab staffer in sight. People are cursing, newcomers are asking for protest signs, and there's angry chatter in over a dozen languages. There are a lot of Europeans here, which is not unexpected. They have to pay VAT on top of any additional costs.
There is talk about switching the signs and banners for flaming torches and pitchforks, because, if nothing else Second Life users find value in tradition. There are even discussions about picketing Linden Lab's Battery Street office in San Francisco.
All of this started yesterday at 6PM SLT (US Pacific time) when Jack Linden, head of Linden Lab's land team,
announced a price-rise to void simulators (known to Linden Lab as Openspace sims). The reaction since then has been ... robust.

I lost no time in having a look at the Linden Lab's inworld Land Team offices and was not disappointed: dozens of citizens posting with protest signs, in the mean time loudly discussing the matter.

At the main entrance of Linden Lab's inworld Land Team offices.

I heard of similar actions being organised shortly; one thing is certain: LL won't get away this this issue so easily. See YOU at the Land Team offices entrance!

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