Sunday, March 16, 2008

Winners of the Metaversal Photo Contest

by Yolanda Hirvi

By the deadline of the contest I received 24 photos. That was less than I expected but boy!; it was a hard decision! Most of the pics your are going to see in exhibiton later this spring. But here are the Top 3. I tryed to choose 3 different style of pics to the top 3, so there was many as good as these, but I could choose only 3.. How frustrating was that!
1st prize : Joni Vargas : Last Ride (location: Carnival of Doom)
This is a great pic! At first look you can't see what is actually happening in this picture. Take a second look and you will see it. This is like straight from my nightmares, haunting, mentally warped, and full of odd atmosphere. And no photoshopping was used with this! Way to go Joni!

2nd prize: Lupe Matova (location: Genesis City)
This one makes me into good mood and reminds me of my favourite tv-show Absolutely Fabulous. This pic looks to me like Lupe (as big fan of Beatles has jumped to the picture to pose with the Beatles before nobody notices . LOL. This wasnt photoshopped, just a good shot. :) Congrats Lupe!

3rd prize : Pippi Gustafson: In His Arms
According to this pic Pippi's favourite place is in his fiances (well I assume the guy in the pic is Pippi's fiance lol) arms, well isn't that sweet! This is very romantic and artistic too. Good job Pippi !

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE CONTESTANTS! I will contact rest of the contestants later about the photo exhibition.