Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Grand Opening was a Success!

by Darleez DeCuir

Thank you all our dear visitors of making the grand opening event a success! The event was opened with Atheene Dodonpa’s lovely performance, her singing and playing was admirable, at least according to the numerous applauses and encouraging feedback from the audience.

Atheene Dodonpa playing a rebec.

After Atheene’s performance Yolanda Hirvi announced the winners of the Metaversal Photo Contest, the winner photos were published earlier here in the blog, posted by Yolanda Hirvi. Here is the winner of the contest, Joni Vargas posing beside her winner photo, congrats Joni! :-)

Joni Vargas and her winner photo "The Last Ride".

In the opening, Maar Auer introduced her newest dancing animation – Menuets. One Menuets set is for six dancers, and as you can see, the audience danced enthusiastically through the night! The Menuet dance is available at the Metaversal Arts Shop yard, come by and try it on!

Menuets by Maar Auer is a brand new dance animation in SL.

The Metaversal Arts Shop is now officially open for all our old and new customers. The current merchants at the shop are Yolanda Hirvi with her antiques and old-world furniture, Maar Auer with musical instruments and animations, Crystaleen Laval with garden items, Kheph777 Enoch with steampunk creations, Fnordian Link with magic stuff, Pumpkin Tripsa with tremendous sculptures, and Vlad Bjorson with his beautiful FloraPrim flowers.

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