Thursday, March 13, 2008

Atheene Dodonpa Performs in the Grand Opening

Lady of Acifer Atheene Dodonpa is the leading Lady minstrel performing medieval music in SL. On 15th March, her performance can be admired in the Grand Opening of Metaversal Arts Shop at 1 PM SLT.
Lady of Acifer Atheene Dodonpa

Young Atheene started her performing career as a dancer in taverns and courts, but soon her musical talents were discovered by Lady Fabienne of Drachemond who asked her to perform for her guests singing and playing a variety of instruments. The rumour started to travel from region to region about this "girl with a voice of an angel" and thanks to the publicity Lady Fabienne had created for her, Atheene was soon called to perform both for nobility and lay people all over the world.

Lady Atheene accompanies her voice with several instruments: recorders and pipes, bells, rebec, symphonie, bowed psaltery, 5-stringed kantele and celtic harp. Her performances have already been a source of joy for hundreds of people in SL and she will continue to sing and tell the enchanting stories for the residents of all regions she is invited to also in the future, of course, God willing.

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