Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Talented creators Part 3: Owl Demina’s Owlery

by Lord Lisle
This series of posts are written because I am just a fan of these creators. I don’t gain anything by posting about them. I just like to point out the beauty there is in our Second Life.

You may know that I have something with owls.. Yes, of course I am a Harry Potter fan, but it was long before those stories were written that I became fascinated with these creatures.. Living in a wooded area with very little population, we have a couple of owls in the woods behind our home and I have seen one last year when I returned home from a visit in the darkest hours of the night..
Thus I was pleasantly surprised that Yolanda Hirvi told me that she had purchased an owl.
Anyhow, I went to the place where she had put the bird: the Metaversal Arts Shop ‘Den’, to be reached via a little corridor, near the wishing well, behind the steampunk room of Kheph. -Metaversal Arts Island - Antique, Cherish(156, 214, 60)-
To my surprise I found a very well sculptured nice little bird on the reading table, flicking its eyes and after being touched hooting along lively.

In the Metaversal Arts Den, fascinated by the little owl…

Having seated and admiring the bird for a little while, Yolanda kindly provided me the LandMark of the creator of this owl. A few mouseclicks brought me to The Owlery Zoo and Owl Shop, Bay Terrace (219, 202, 601) , in the ’Hall of Owls’ owned by Owl Demina.

Barred Owl (Stix varia)

I was very impressed in the way Owl Demina had presented his owls in beautiful floodlighted showcases, set up with a background of the natural habitat of each specimen. It was not very difficult to take a few nice pictures; this must really be credited to the great job of the creator of the Owlery.

Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) Is this not the breed Harry Potter has?

Each breed of owl is for sale, either on a pole or (something I particularly fancied) sitting on your shoulder. Unfortunately my financial position in SL did not allow me to buy a Great hornet owl.. but who knows when I got my next monthly SL allowance…

Great Horned owl (Bubo viginianus)

I asked Owl Demina how he came to created these owls and whether he have possibly in RL has anything to do with them:
Owl Demina: When I first came to SL I searched high and low for a realistic owl. I did manage to find a wearbale snowy owl but it was nowhere as detailed as I would've liked it. Later I attempted to build my own static version, but it remained in my inventory for the longest time. Months later I would learn of some great animation scripts and brought my existing owl out and it started from there. In RL I am a graphic designer and I have a great fondness for owls. Much of my home has owl related prints and such, one of which is available in my Owlery. They are beautiful birds and I am so happy to find that so many others enjoy them as much as I do.

I could not resist in taking a free membership of Demina’s Owl Emporium Group and now may call myself Owl Enthusiast.
Please note that the illustrations of the owls in this BLog are NOT enhanced Photoshop pictures, but real snapshots directly taken in the Owlery!


Khiira said...

Have you guys trouble to log in?

I reinstalled the newest SL software (because I was crashing all the time) and now I can't log in.

Oh shit, I hate this. :-Z

The owls are cute tho ;-)

Yolanda Hirvi said...

Well after yesterday's horrors I have not had difficulties to loggin in today.

Khiira said...

So, this nightmare is for Mac users only. I knew it! It's so unfair.

I can log in now, but the teleporting crashes the software... so, can't go anywhere :-(