Friday, March 7, 2008

Aviation in Second Life... A follow-up, Part 2

by Lord Lisle
Return to the Cursed Island
After having not slept very well that night, determined to solve what is going on in that sim where I nearly crashed, I teleported very early in the morning to Minaki Aerodrome Rezzing Platform and rezzed my Spitfire airplane. I trust this plane much more than any other I own; it flies faster and is more stable (= better scripted) than that Sopwith Camel of the day before, so I was confident that I would not come into trouble again.

Take-off in the very early morning hours from Minaki Aerodrome, heading north towards Waikiti

Gaining altitude over Waikiti before heading to Tangiwai. Flying this plane is really magnificent compared to many other SL aircraft. The only disadvantage of this model is that it does not fit into the historical time slot set in the neo-Victorian, 19th-century Independent state of Caledon

Feeling confident whilst flying at a suitable altitude, I decided to fly direction Tangiwai, the sim where the ‘Cursed Island’ (as I later used to call it) is located

The first signs of trouble; rain was beating the little plane, darkness set in, but no trouble in manoeuvring yet

Carefully observing any signs of life in and around the dead volcano of Tangiwai. What’s been hidden in that dark cloud?

More clouds again, and then a sudden lost of visual contact, but fortunately still engine power

Alas.. spoken to fast…loss of control, I am at a too low altitude to bale out using my parachute. In the distance I notice a volcano crater filled with water, my plane seems to be attracted to that crater like a piece of iron to a magnet

Ditched in the ‘Devil’s Pool’ (as I named it now) crater of the Cursed Island’s dead volcano. Under water I opened the canopy and climbed out my wracked plane

Swimming in the gloomy water to get out of the Devil’s Pool, I heard splattering and gargling behind me! I was being followed and attacked by a lurking killer squid, assumingly the creation of the Cursed Island’s mad creator..

But a few well aimed punches between the monster’s eyes repels it temporary, giving me the chance to escape

Looking for help and at least to borrow some dry clothes I found a sinister building at the other side of the crater. Here myself at the entrance of the mad creator’s dwelling.. a REAL nasty place! Apart from a few empty packing crates, the house was apparently empty. Until I reached the first floor…

..where I founds this: an oil painting of the monster: a giant killer squid, hidden in one of the mad creator’s secret cult rooms..

Me, in a wet flying suit, angry, and desperately looking for a boat to leave this cursed place.
Well, can’t you blame me looking angry? Standing there, not knowing what to do, I suddenly heard a bell; I turned around and saw a ferry approaching through the bleak morning clouds…

On the haunted black ferry, back to civilisation…. No doubt to haul her victims to the island, the mad creator had organised a regular ferry service from the Cursed Island to Waikiti

Arrival at Waikiti Ferry landing place The ferry for the Minaki Aerodrome is still moored and at the background the ferry to Poliwai Park at Waiki Atoll is just approaching

After returning to the beautiful sunny resort of Waikiti, I found myself lying in a chair on the beach, drying my flying suit in the sun. Whilst nipping to a glass of Atashi’s wine, I thought about my recent adventure on the Cursed Island, the horrible weather, the loss of my valuable plane, the giant squid in the Devil’s Pool and of course the genial creator......

Was this all in my mind…and is SL a chimera? April, Sin, Yolanda, Fubar, Darleez, Atashi, Pail, Aianna.… are you too JUST pixels or are you real?
And IS Atashi Toshihiko, the creator of the giant killer pet squid and Cursed Island, but also the Governor of this fabulous cluster of 6 sims called Colonial Waikiti, REALLY mad? I don’t think so, she’s just having much fantasy and is a very good scripter and builder.

I should have known better as I already had been at the Waikiti Mall where I saw her wonderful creations like the Aero Putter and other oddities, the errr Macabre goodies in basement dungeon and not to forget my visit of undiscovered and dangerous caves at Poliwai Park in Waiki Atoll.
Again, VERY well done, ‘mad creator’ Atashi Toshihiko, Governor of Colonial Waikiti, chapeaux!

Useful SLURLs in Colonial Waikiti:
Waikiti Mall Waikiti (231, 166, 22)
Minaki Aerodrome Rezzing Platform Minaki (78, 37, 21)
Ferry landing placeWaikiti Waikiti (230, 48, 21)
Poliwai Park Waiki Atoll (92, 79, 21)
’Cursed Island’ of Tangiwai: no use giving a landing place..EVERYWHERE in this sim it is miserable and dangerous…. Visitor, beware for the killer squid! And DON’T take a ride on that train, you will be sorry!


Harper Ganesvoort said...

That ain't just any giant squid creature there, man! That's THE giant squid!! You've discovered the Cursed Island of R'lyeh. Agents from the Miskatonic University Strike Force must be alerted for action immediately.

Who knew SL was a home for the Old Ones?

Anonymous said...

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