Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Animating madness

by Maar Auer

Those of you who have once tried animating know it is a time consuming process. Animating for SL is much more than just that: it is nerve consuming.

Limb by limb, inch by inch, frame by frame - yes, but why, oh why does it always look like two clothes hangars having a wrestle? No matter how you try, it never seems natural - so you walk in your appartment measuring your own rl limbs, scratch your head and wonder: Do I really look that weird when I move?

That's the beginnings of SL animating madness for you. It continues, in so many ways... Like that thing with thighs. Especially, it seems, the right thigh. In Poser window everything is cool, calm, smooth as a lake on a summer morning. Import the animation into SL, and watch your right thigh declare itself an independent nation.

All the same, I've managed to sweat up a couple of dances. The first of them, a variation of a menuet, was officially released a few days ago. Keeping in mind how long time it takes just to finish a few frames of dance, you will get an idea of how lovely it feels to see people actually enjoying your-finally-more-or-less-well-behaving dances.

So do come and try it out! ;) Gentlemen bow, ladies curtsy - the ancient, golden days of grace and elegance are back! I've placed the menuet just next to the tp point in Metaversal Arts, by the fountain. And why not bring a friend along, or two, or three... Menuets work best when dancers are many. Besides, there's nothing like dancing the night away with a bunch of good friends, is there?

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