Sunday, March 21, 2010

Impression of the 6th Anniversary Parade in Nova Albion

By Lord Lisle

The 6th anniversary of the Nova Albion sim has been celebrated on the 20th of March 2010 with a parade which was visited by numerous avis. Nova Albion was Second Life’s first official city regions to be created on 9th March 2004.
Due to RL commitments I was not able to watch the full show, so here is just an impression of part of the parade and some of the spectators/organisers
The start and finish of the parade

This wonderful creation of Madcow Cosmos, driven by Lorin Tone was tmho one of the highlights of the parade

Pituca FairChang was amoung the spectators

Here I had to leave due to RL and the lag


Wildstar said...

It looks it has been a fun event !

Lord Lisle said...

I was about to call you but then I remembered that it was your PHC evening! :-)

Wildstar said...

I had all the timing messed up yesterday because of the American DST :)

Pam Judi said...

Lorin Tone adds music to the avatars & attachments you picture here, but they are created by Madcow Cosmos.

Lord Lisle said...

Pam, you are fully right. How could I forgot that Madcow Cosmos is the creator!!!

Thank you very much for attending me on this.