Monday, February 22, 2010

Report from the Mechanical Toy Factory Racing Track or another delightful race!

By Lord Lisle
The Second Great Oldtimer Race: an impression
The recent Second Great Oldtimer Race held on the Mechanical Toy Factory racing track at Solution Island has been a great success and a lot of fun for both drivers and spectators. It must be said that more and more (very experienced) drivers discovered these races. The organisation (by the Mechanical Toy Factory's owners Jenne and Mandy) was, as we have experienced during previous races, excellent and anything went smooth and fast.

Here a photo impression of the race....enjoy and probably see you at the next race which might be held in a month or so!

The Mechanical Toy Factory Trophy, waiting to be issued to the fastest racer....

Some of the drivers in their cars at the assembly point

To the start!!

The fist lap, the racers are still close together

Near the end of the race...

The winner of the Second Great Oldtimer Race: Vlk Soyer

2nd place: Steelcobra Calamari (right) 3rd place: Gyuszi Balatron (left). The fastest lap in the race was set by Arta Rosse LAP: 14.687500

Gathering of organisers, racers and spectators at the end of the race

I think that I can speak for everyone who was at the race when I thank the organisers Mandy and Jenne for the joyful event! Until next time.


Wildstar said...

It was a great fun !
I look forward to the nex one ! :)

Yolanda Hirvi said...

Looks like fun!