Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trains...a follow up

by Lord Lisle

Driving on the SLRR track last night I spotted a demo train rezzer near Athetis station on the premises of Rescue Japan at Spini (162, 218, 81) , a build by Myuki Mills, presented by eflora Kidd.
This demo turned out to be a very nice engine with a stable script and more important: once the speed is set there is no need to hold your finger on the keyboard to keep it running. Although it can only be rezzed on the SLRR, it is certainly worth a try!

Still further up the line you can fetch another free steam engine (presented by Myuki Mills) at M's R&D, Neumoegen (124, 208, 66). The effect of steam and smoke whilst at full speed is a nice feature. This is again an engine with a stable script , although you may loose your engine rapidly (no copy, so grab a spare one..)

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