Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Music Academy Online-SL A follow-up (1)

By Lord Lisle

When Yolanda Hirvi asked me to join her on a tour (Amin Bhatia’s ‘Virtuality Ride') in Music Academy Online-SL where the virtual ‘Festival in Two Worlds’ is being held this week, I did not know what to expect.
Seconds after we both seated on a huge laptop (to my surprise rather comfy) the tour started its dazzling ride. Although I have seen many wondrous creations in SL, I must say that the whole tour was really a topper. I won’t reveal much here as you better go there yourself to feast your eyes. I include just a few snapshots as a teaser, although they do not justice to the real thing. I must say it again: you won’t regret doing a 'Virtuality Ride'. Ohh yes, don’t forget to switch on the music and to go to mouselook!

Start of the Virtuality Ride, jump on the laptop..

The 'World Wide Web'

'The need for Speed'

'Inside the computer'

How to get there? First TP to Music Academy Online--Second Life When arrived at the Landing Zone, look for the Teleporter and click on 'Virtuality Ride'.

Occupied by RL matters, it was only the next day that I found time to explore the whole Music Academy Online-SL island and I must say that I have been there each day to find new interesting features.

This is a map of the Music Academy Online-SL island. Just a part as all the attractions are located on (rezzable) sky platforms. At the landing zone there is a Teleporter allowing you to TP to all the places. No harm of course if you just walk to the buildings of the various music periods: Medieval (400-1450), Renaissance (1450-1600), Baroque (1600-1750), Classical (1750-1810), Romantic (1810-1850), 20th Century (1900-2000) and Current Age
In each period building you can listen to selected composers of that era plus information of the music. I particularly enjoyed the contemporary paintings in each particular building, which included many Dutch masters. Even my own favourite; Vermeer’s ‘Girl with Pearl Earring’ was not forgotten.

Today I ended up in listening to parts of the Brandenburg Concerto in the JS Bachhaus. In the second part of this 'follow up' I’d like to attend you to Bolero Electronica, and ‘From Monkey to Mannheim’, the origins of music and a few more interesting spots in Music Academy Online-SL.

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