Friday, August 22, 2008

How to survive SLag events

by Yolanda Hirvi

We all know what happens when more than 5 avatars are in the same place. Everything is gray, you can barely walk. You wont even see the people around you if it gets very bad. So here is some advice to survive those events when avatars get together. I got these advice originally from Catty Loon from Hey Girlfriend -group and they are written for surviving the Hair Fair 08 that starts today (ZOMG 87 designers and two weeks! Think about all that HAIR!!!). Thank you Catty..and enjoy your events rest of you!

Ctrl-P to preferences
In network settings...clear cache!! Restart SL so it does its thing.
Also turn up Bandwidth if your connection will allow, I forgot to do this on my laptop, since I recently upgraded to super cable, it helped me greatly turning it up, but ..only do this if you have a very fast connection.

Graphics tab - turn off bump and shiny. Turn off local lights. Move slider bars for trees, terrain, etc down. If you're trying on hair, you might want flex and objects up, or...try on hair later at home when you can turn all your graphics up. Turn draw distance down all the way on the slider bar, seriously, you don't need to see all four sims to enjoy hair fair. Even 128 is good,96 is fine. Also turn terrain detail to low.
These are things I do anytime I go to laggy places. Perhaps other things help too.
You don't have to go bald and naked, find a lower prim hair and shoes to wear, remove your scripted items, they may be turned off on the sims anyway.

Lag makes Crys Mad.

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