Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All the new stuff

by Yolanda Hirvi

There is tons of new stuff in Metaversal Arts Shop. I wandered around and took a few snapshots of the new creations of our talented merchants. Also I some of my new garden stuff and furniture.

Arundel Designs : Victorian gowns. Oh soooo pretty!

More from Arundel; Pirate jackets, hats and boots!

Kheph's Creations : Steam/cyberpunk "Gargoyle" gadgets and acessories

Kheph's Steamlifts, these are so cool..4 different models.

This is my favourite ! Steampunk music box by Capalini.
(The gears move and it plays Russian Lullaby!)

Hanging rosebaskets , potted herbs and garden plaques by Oblonski

Two new fountains by Oblonski

*Oblonski* "Henry" sidetable and washing cabinet

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