Friday, May 23, 2008

Canolli Capalini; true artisan

by Yolanda Hirvi
Couple months ago I was strolling around New Babbage and I happened to find a small furniture store in the Babbage Canals. I giggled to the trunk that you can go hide in and admired the fine craftsmanship of the store owner and carpenter Canolli Capalini. What really cought my attention were really detailed music boxes made by her. I listen to every tune and thought that I wish I had the patience to make something like this. Attractive, small and highly detailed. I have a thing to small decorative items, small sculptures, miniatyres, tin toys and boxes. Now Capalini music boxes are availabe also in Metaversal Arts :)

Canolli Capalini in her store.

Visit New Babbage and Capalini Furnishings

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