Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jukka Wilkinson lives his fairytale - and makes us dance in the air.

by Yolanda Hirvi
Not a long ago a country man of mine (I am from Finland) walked to Metaversal Arts. He had heard of our venture and wanted to see how the girls from "the neighbour" are doing. We started to change opinions about SL and as he tryed out Maar's dance animations, he mentioned he has a store and he has actually made dance animations too. For me, everyone who can animate is a next to divine being .I perked instantly and ask to see those. "They are not original dances", he warned me. And yes, they certainly were not.
I hopped on the dance pad and ZMOG..I flew in the air! I swirled and spinned. My hair and skirts flew in the wind.. I laughed like a child as I felt light as a weather. And most of all I felt tranquilty and inner peace flowing in me like a warm thick liquid.
That is what SL is for; to break the limitations of RL. Why dance on the ground when we can do it in the air!

Metaversal Arts is now honoured to bring you the experience of dancing in the air. Just tp to Metaversal Arts and have a try. (You can find them in the yard, near Maar Auer's dance animations)

Jukka says that he made the animations originally for his fae companion Siri. They were looking for dances that would be suitable for faegirl but there was nothing. After the two fairygirl dances Jukka made more..suitable for both sexes and one for mermaids. And currently he is working on airdances for couples! But most of all Jukka thinks that SL should be fun (and not for hard work) and the place where you can live your fairytale. And he is doing that with all his mage's heart. But I honestly hope that he will continue to work with dance animations.

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