Friday, June 24, 2011

SL8B: a follow up

By Lord Lisle

During my recent visits of SL8B I made a selection of a (small) number of entries which had my personal interest. DO enjoy SL8B as it last, and why not exchange a few words with the exhibitor, if present of course..., or send them a notecard with appreciation.....

Magic in Second Life by Allison Selene
What happens when you log into SL for the first time? It is a vast terrain of green fields, and endless frontier for you to explore... SL8B Spectacular (113, 5, 22)

Magic Lens
In this exhibit, The Magic Lens, aztec Fenstalker aka Michel of Gallery No. 8, showcases several uses of photography in Second Life. SL8B Astonish/39/88/21/

Through the Looking Glass
The fascinating and interesting exhibit by Alexia Cournoyer is well worth a visit. Follow the instructions when you enter the tower, or just click on the pose ball SL8B Astonish/24/225/22/

Shadows and Light
You find the interesting Shadows and Light art entry at SL8B Astonish/66/214/22/

The contents of this entry depicts the thoughts and emotions of the creator surrounding the ever unfolding crisis that erupted from the Japan earthquake/tsunami SL8B Astonish/102/231/22/

Dream On V.3
In this entry by caLLie cLine entitled Dream On V.3, you are about the size of a mouse SL8B Astonish/143/218/21/

The 1920s Berlin Project
This entry is a tiny example of the real 1920s Berlin Project. Very high quality and authentic builds with period dressed greeters  SL8B Dazzle/76/229/23/

Virtual Field School
A project overview ('snow globe' version) of the Field School Sim of the TXSTATE R&D team at: SL8B Astonish/217/15/21/

Magic Soul of Prims
The Magic Soul of Prims at SL8B Stunning/223/21/21/ should not be missed...
DO NOT dare to push the red button at Captivate/96/173/25/ or the clockmaker will eventually find you!

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pallina60 Loon said...

Thanks for your visit and your compliments. I am glad that you enjoyed "Magic soul of prims."