Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SL8B: first exploration to the exhibition grounds

By Lord Lisle  (who gives just his PERSONAL impression and view here!)

The opening

The official opening speech on the first day was attended by numerous avis. This appeared to be, however, as a bit of a disappointment to all because the speech turned out to be rather brief.....

Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds fame, Captn Wildstar Beaumont, photographer and buccaneer, and myself (in the centre) awaiting the opening speech for SL8B

Magic in Motion
An interactive Magical Experience by Calla Cela (Known from her In-World classes and Workshops)
I had a couple of rather nasty experiences at Calla's exhibit when she asked me to volunteer in testing some of her 'Magical Experiences.... Fortunately enough I had my camera at hand to show you some evidence (with Calla evily grinning standing in front). Ohh, and a wise advise: do NOT feed that creature outside, its dangerous and it likely have you for a snack... (err, well done Calla!)

Remember your Magic...
The Virtual Railway Consortium
Just hop on the miniature train and see what will extraordinary SL experience, what one may expect from the VRC...

Virtual Surf
Surfing your dreams, SL Virtual Surfing

Soaring with Magic
A fascinating entry to the SL8B exhibition by Windyy Lane
This is really a must-see. With her entry 'Soaring with Magic', Windyy has created one of the top entries in SL8B (to my opinion..ahem)

Escape the Room
A Madpea creation
A challenging tasks awaits you if you are silly enough to enter that room. Clues to unlock the door are in the room, along with a free hud.

SL8B Impressive/140/24/21/
A marvellous creation by claudia222.jewell
The result as seen on this and the next snapshot are achieved if you set Windlight in your Phoenix viewer in just one click. Follow the advice put on the informative notecard (with gift) which you receive after clicking the painting. Somehow, this entry reminded me a bit to the famous paintings by Hieronymus Bosch...thank you for this experience claudia222.jewell
If you feel mounting one of the giant bee's, here is your chance...I explored part of SL8B riding on one..until I crashed... Visiting her homebase, I was even more surprised to see Parallel Worlds, but that may be in another Blog...

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