Sunday, July 4, 2010

SL7B: An impression

By Lord Lisle

Another Second Life Birthday party is over. I enjoyed myself whilst visiting most of the entries: some were plain shameless advertising for SL and RL services, others hastily put together, but the majority were a pleasure to spend some time and enjoy the wonderful creations. I am certainly looking forward to SL8B :-)

Attending the opening speech by Philip Linden

Philip Linden does not seem to have changed over the years :-)

An impressive sculpture of a Route 66 scene (just look at me standing just beside the biker's boot)

This entry to SL7B was a fascinating creation by Lorin Tone and Madcow Cosmos entitled 'The Sound Garden'. Lorin is standing in the centre of the photo wearing a huge black hat

Another creation by Madcow Cosmos in 'The Sound Garden' at SL7B

A demo of SL 7th Birthday Expo build for 2010, 'The Sound Garden'. Lorin Tone play the garden in an avatar made by Frofidor Niekirk, and it dances pretty well! Just a few of the thousands of musical combinations that are possible.

The 'Bodied Words' entry

'Mermaid Temple', a beautiful display of mermaid sculpties in a large fountain. Note the shoal of coloured fish

On the last day of the opening of SL7B I had the pleasure in attending a classical concert by the Yokohama Marching Band

Courtney Linden admiring a Chinese lantern in one of the many gardens in SL7B


Wildstar said...

very nice report, Lord ! You captured the spirit !

Lord Lisle said...

Thank you for the kind words Wildstar. It was a real pleasure to meet you in SL7B