Saturday, July 17, 2010


By Lord Lisle

The Caerleon Art and Education Sims in conjunction with the Virtual Art Inititiave invite you to experience a unique, entertaining and fascinating fun filled adventure at the Enviornmental Fluidity Collaboration Project.
Featuring original art and installations by Alizarin Goldflake, Artistide Despres, Banrion Constantine, Lollito Larkham, PattiAnne Daviau, Pixels Sideways and Wotthe Dickins, the widely diverse exhibits illustrate through numerous techniques the many facets of Environmental Fluidty.

As described by VAI director Georg Janick/Gary Zabel, "Envrionmental Fluidity is one of six aesthetic-technological dimensions that collectively distinguish the art of virtual worlds from earlier forms of art."

Janick/Zabel continues to further define Environmental Fluidity in his Theses on the Art of Virtual Worlds as such: " Envrionmental Fluidty is to the external virtual world what the protean character of identity is to the internal sphere. In Second Life, for example, the environment is constructed from graphical primitives and scripts that can be altered very rapidly. Constancy of environment is the exception rather than the norm. It is in the virtual world that Marx's famous observation about capitalist modernity first reaches fruition: All that is solid melts into air."

The artists of the Environmental Fluidity Collaboration Project set out to incorporate this idea and their own interpretations of Environmental Fluidity with art and installations that take visitors on a journey through environments such as AURALTOPIA that use only sounds as the artists medium to EVOTROPOLIS in which cities and towns change before your eyes to the EXQUISITE CORPSE featuring the PRIMOLATOR -- an interactive collaborative building project in which visitors are invited to participate and determine the outcome that will continue to change throughout the run of the show.

As you explore and enjoy discovering the diverse array of interactive, reactive, kinetic and fluid art throughout the exhibit, you'll find surprises around every corner and opportunities to become a collaborator as well.

Welcome to the Environmental Fluidity Collaboration Project. From this main landing, you begin a journey thru several unique art exhibitions -- many interactive -- that illustrate various aspects of Environmental Fluity. Explore, experience & enjoy! Caerleon Isle/149/150/28/ The EF artists gathered round in a circle, a cube at the center. Additional info and free stuff awaits. Touch the sculpted artists to receive info and witty remarks. :-) Touch the cube in the center to receive a folder of free stuff. Check out the additional information around the pyramid including other Second Life artists' work that incorporates envrionmental fluidity.

As it would take too much space to cover all the exhibits, I just would like to show some items of the RED CUBE: Professor Dickins Amazing Shrinking Machine by Wotthe Dickins

Professor Dickins Amazing Shrinking Machine by Wotthe Dickins: '.. sit on the green ball at the desk...'
.. my avi is shrinking to the size of the artists on the desk...

Assignment: clean LCD. the wrong side of the monitor to get out? be a sexy pinup, click on the cork board...but this is NOT what I had in mind...

A ride on the mouse is jolly nice at moderate speed..

THIS is what happened later when the mouse went to turbo!

Eventually I managed to climb on the mouse again and to type the CPU that I want to go down!

The instructions are clear enough: eat cookie to de-shrink....

JUST a final snapshot taken at another exhibit

The ENVIRONMENTAL FLUIDITY COLLABORATION PROJECT opens July 4, 2010 - 12:00PM/noon SLT and runs through July 2010. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest you detatch any worn scripted objects and turn off AO's prior to arrival. CaerleonIsle/150/150/27

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Atlantis Jewell said...

After reading your article about this July 2010 exhibition, I must say that their current exhibition is fantastic! Museum on Identity is a must see exhibit!

I am sorry that I missed this exhibit! Enjoy the Museum on Identity!