Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Haunted House

By Lord Lisle

The creations and buildings of Yolanda Hirvi are as usual wonderful and well developed, but this time she surpassed herself with the Haunted House, situated in the Finland Edu cluster of Sims
Edufinland IV (94, 37, 471)
No description this time, I want you to find out yourself if you dare……beware it IS rather dark!

Side view of the Haunted House. Just visible is the ubiquitous house ghost. No, she does not bite, just ignore her...

Miauw, the Haunted House stray cat is watching any movement at the front door...

Ohhh dear, what has happened in the kitchen....., there is blood everywhere...

Beware when entering the hall, a pile of skuls may fall upon you!

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