Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Steam-Punk New Babbage: the new Oblonski shop or meeting Mr Skusting Dagger Esq

By Lord Lisle

Quite recently Yolanda Hirvi reopened her Oblonski shop in New Babbage at Babbage Square(does that woman really never got enough outlets?). As I had not been in the steam punk community for a long time, I took (after inspecting the Oblonski shop) the opportunity to explore this wonderful steam punk city to see whether there might be new additions

The recently opened Oblonski shop in Babbage Square 144, 200, 105 , just opposite the Electric Theatre

Not very far off the Oblonski shop is the Churchill Industrial Plot 2 with a row of Bessemer steel converters

Further down New Babbage, the Dagon's Pleasure Pier in the Vernian Sea 75, 192, 102 with the entrance to the New Babbage undersea channels

Inside of one of the Jules Verne inspired tubes at 100 meters below sea level of the waters in Vernian Sea

The Nautilus in the Vernian Sea 145, 141, 101 In the background Doctor's Obolensky Observatory

Taking a snapshot of the city below me I noticed a person with a familiar face watching my effords in taking a good position for a picture: no less than the great Daguereteer Mr Skusting Dagger Esq, which I had not spoken in a long time

Meeting Skusting Dagger at the entrance of Serenity Steamworks in Port Babbage

Mr Dagger discovered New Babbage in the fall of '07 and felt at home right away. It was only two sims at the time, Babbage Square and Babbage Canals. He loved the brick and the urban industrial feel. The Victorian era sci-fi and horror elements kept it interesting and kept him coming back.'..... The folks that reside and build in New Babbage are indeed creative. And they love industry. There is also some remarkable role playing and story telling that goes on here. (RP is always optional). You never know what mystery you might stumble upon....'
Mr Dagger continues: - '.......... If you want to explore New Babbage and looking for interesting places, lets go sim by sim, in order of their coming into existance....'

Babbage Square.... The first thing that comes to mind is the Olde Imperial Theater. Built by Loki Eliot, it is the secret hideout of the local street urchins, and the scene of horrible crimes and mystery.The Paleozoic Museum, buit by PRofessor Nareth Nishi, and preserved by Elleon Bergamasco, is a must see. And then there is the Karhuvel Steamworks built by Salazar Jack. There are also many fine stores and shops.

Babbage Canals: The home to my own beloved Ruby's Pub, which I have preserved from its original owner Sir ArthurConan Doyle. more here:The Canal District is also home the the RF Burton Memorial library. Built by Canolli Capalini and Elihu Leominster. It houses and extensive selection of books and features rotating exhibitions. Again, more fine shopping can be found here. And you can go fishing in Shay McDowwll's Steampunk Park

Port Babbage.... New Babbage's sector of commerce and trade. Many many shops, and there is a sunken ship below.

The Vernian Sea... underwater residences. Home to Reitsuki Kojima's Nautilus, the Lotus of the Sea underwater house (built by Kandace Commons and preserved by Breezy Carver), the evil Doctor Obolensky's Observatory and laboratory, and Dagon's Island Pleasure Pier buit by Elfod Nemoth.When the Vernian Sea and Port Babbage came online, the sea level for these two sims as well as Babbage Square and Babbage Canals were raised 100 meters, making the Vernian Sea the deepest sea sim in all of Second Life.

Babbage Palisade.... An extension of Babbage Square, leading to the city wall, beyond which is rural country side. The Wall is a must see. Home to Augustus Dayafter's Gangplank, Bela Lubezki's Her Darl Materials Factory, Viv Trafalgar's Aether Salon, and Beq Janu's recreation of the famous Horta House.

Wheatstone Waterways... Created as an extension of the Canal District. Home to Breezy Carver's Piermont Landing and my own recreation of the Mark Twain Study. Many shops here as well. Kiergarten Manufacturing, parks and cafes and tea rooms.Then there is the newly arrived sim of New Babbage (aka#7) there is an extensive underground sewer network built by Trilobite Zanzibar, and houses the New Babbage locale for Radio Riel, Finely Twine's Iron Bay and Greg Merryman's shipworks

In spite of the heavy industrial activities, with the ever apparent steam and coal fumes, this is a beautiful little park in Babbage Canals, just opposite Rubi's Pub

If you are still not convinced about the fascination of New Babbage, JUST watch this wonderful YouTube machinima created by Loki Elliot or visit:

Next time I should like to take you to Armada Breakaway where we try to find the heap of gold, hidden in Mr Dagger's Black Barnacle Pub.

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