Sunday, March 8, 2009

The shape of things to come or the renovation of Cherish

By Lord Lisle

Although the Metaversal Arts Shop staff knew that Yolanda Hirvi was up to something, (well, isn't she always, hehe...) it still came as a shock to me when I arrived in Cherish today and found that the usual landing place had been changed and that there were no visitors and customers around...
It soon transpired that Yolanda took the opportunity of a quiet day to renovate the main shop buildings. As these works are a bit awkward for customers (let alone the dreadful sight of Yolanda hopping around in overalls, pfffff) it was decided to close the sim for the duration.

Yolanda (tagged as Bad Boss) shaping one of the cornerstones of the renovated Metaversal Arts Shop, a dreadful sight, is it not?

A sneak preview of the renovated Metaversal Arts Shop buildings, as seen from the Metaversal Arts Theatre. I am looking forward to the opening shortly! YOU too? I am not allowed to tell you that this magnificient piece of SL architecture is another creation by Equine McMillan...(don't tell that you got it from me, or else...)

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