Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The shape of things to come or filming Tango Pasión

By Lord Lisle

Those of you who had no time of visiting the official launch of the dance ‘Tango Pasión’ created by our very own Maar Auer, should pull their hair of regret (not a problem in SL, because hair is usually copyable lol). The number of visitors to the Metaversal Arts sim at the release party exceeded all expectations and all agreed that this dance is the best Maar ever created.

But don’t despair: a few days after the launch Maar Auer filmed Yolanday Hirvi and yours truly dancing the Tango Pasión at location at Armada Breakaway, 121, 134, 33 (jolly nice place folks, why not have a look there?)

Hopefully in a short time we may admire Maar’s new Machinima, keep an eye at this Blog!

Snapshots taken during the filming at Armada Breakaway

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