Friday, July 4, 2008

You are invited to Slindy Hop into 1950's!

by Yolanda Hirvi

Now is your change to be one of the first ones ever danced SLindy Hop! (I have danced it already :p that is me dancing in the pic with Lord Lisle). The SLindy Hop by Maar Auer is going to be released 6th July! And we are gonna have a party! And another reason for partying is Maar's first rezday in SL. Congrats Maar!

SLindy Hop is an SL couples dance in style of Lindy Hop swing, that was at its most popular during 1930s-1950s. As the name SLindy Hop suggests, this is an SL modified version of the original dance. It shows clear signs of the rise of rock'n'roll in early 50's, into which Lindy Hop finally assimilated.

And I promise you boys and girls you will FLIP when you try this one!
Maar has worked her ass off with this one, and the result is just.. amazing! If you liked Charleston..SLindy Hop will freak you out!

You are welcome to party with us in Metaversal Arts Grunge Hangar
built by Yolanda Hirvi just for this occasion.
The theme is 1950's ! You can dress up according to theme,
but there is NO dress code. Just show up and do some hop with us!

The tunes are provided by Radio Riel. (And the event is broadcast live).

Bring your friends and neighbours..lets hop the roof down!

Pssst.. Best place shopping for 1950's style clothes is Artilleri .

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